Thursday, June 23, 2022

A Wazwan experience at Parsa's, Koramangala!

Kashmiri cuisine is one of the most amazing cuisines. The flavors are just as exquisite as its valleys. Wazwan is an inevitable part of Kashmiri food culture. At least once in a lifetime, one should experience a Wazwan. Typically Wazwan dishes will be of up to 36 dishes. The food served in Trami is served in groups of four.

Do you really need to spend all your hard-earned money on a Kashmir trip to experience Wazwan? Not really, as Bengaluru has few options for the same. Recently I visited Parsa's in Koramangala, which is located at Jyoti Nivas College Road. The moment you enter this beautiful restaurant, you will see some beautiful images from the valley. The staff from Kashmir welcomes the guests in their traditional way by offering water in Tasht-Nari for handwash. I felt so regal with this welcome.

Once you place an order, they will take 20+ mins to get the trami and it is worth all the wait. The trami had Rice, Seekh Kebab, Methi Maaz, Tabakh Maaz, Waza Chicken, Ristha, Rogan Josh, Aab Gosht, Mirchi Korma, Gushtaba. The dishes were mind blowingly amazing, but my favorite has to be the Aab Gosht (mildly flavored meat cooked in milk gravy with flavors of cardamom, fennel, and other spices), Methi Maaz(super rich gravy made of minced lamb intestine and fresh fenugreek), Rogan Josh, and Gushtaba (this dish is eaten towards the end of the meal and it is made of meatballs cooked in a yogurt based aromatic gravy).

Throughout the meal, I kept on sipping rich and aromatic Kashmiri Kehwa tea topped with almond shavings. Another interesting drink to try is their  Noon Chai (salty tea), and I must say this can't be everyone's cup of tea, it is an acquired taste :P

For desserts, I tried Phirni and told the staff that it was one of the best Phirni I had in Bengaluru. The dessert had the right amount of sweetness and an added richness came from the topped Poppy seeds and dry fruits.

I went into a food coma after trying all these. They have trami for 2 or 4 people. Their selective menu has impressive dishes and the main highlight is pocket-friendly pricing. I hope they introduce Kashmiri breads to their menu soon. I am definitely gonna visit again for the same experience.

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