Tuesday, November 28, 2017

With 12 interesting dishes,One bowl winter menu at Monkey Bar, Indiranagar!

There is always something special about every season. Winter for me is all about chilly weather and hiding under a blanket on lazy mornings and how can I not mention the tasty and hot food on winter days. It could be a simple bowl of soup, stir-fry or even a hot cuppa with pakoras. When I came to know that Monkey Bar is having a special ‘One bowl winter menu’ – this gastropub was automatically added to my must visit restaurants-pubs this winter.

On a weekend afternoon, a bunch of us were invited to try the ongoing fest at Monkey Bar located at 12th Main, Indiranagar. Chef Manu Chandra’s brainchild -Monkey Bar needs no introduction as this is one of India’s favorite gastropubs and currently have their presence in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. All these outlets are having ‘One bowl winter menu’ with 12 interesting one-bowl meals. The Chefs at Monkey Bar have a done a great job by carefully curating a menu which can win the hearts of people from all across the globe. These dishes are inspired by travel stories, mother’s kitchen recipes and much more. This will surely take you to some fond childhood winter memories.

The vegetarian menu includes Rajma bowl and Kadhi Chawal, which comes with accompaniments like spinach pakoda/ Karari bhindi, tawa aloo, rice, chili pickle, sirka onions etc, along with other interesting meals like Moroccan Veg Tagine and Wild Mushroom Khichdi. We left these options for few vegetarians to explore as we non-vegetarians were spoilt with choices.

Initially, I was a bit confused about my order as all my favorite dishes were there on the menu. The lovely lady, Radhika came to my rescue and suggested that I should try the Kashmiri Yakhni/Goan Xacuti/ Korean Bibimbap or if I like to try fish, then Kasundi Maach. I love spices and all these dishes had interesting flavors and that’s the whole point about this one bowl menu – different flavors, textures and combinations which are well balanced.

‘Kashmiri Yakhni’ made of chunks of boneless mutton cooked in yogurt and spices and served with saffron pulao topped with caramelized onions was one drool-worthy dish; rich flavors made it so heavenly.

My second favorite was the ‘Korean Bibimbap’; a must-try dish for beef lovers <3 Spicy Gochujang Steak served with sautéed veggies, pink sticky rice, and a fried egg. We just couldn’t get enough of this. The dish was extremely delightful and we, meat lovers had a quite heavy palate.

Another interesting dish was the ‘Panch Phoran and Kasundi Maach’ which I tried from my friend’s bowl. Most of the restaurants screw up the flavors when it comes to Bengali food. But Chef at Monkey Bar got all of it right. The sharp taste on the Kasundi Surmai went well with the Gobindobhog rice, Doi Begun, and Chutney they served. This is kind of comfort food for anyone who loves the East Indian flavors.

Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Bowl was loaded with the taste of perfectly cooked Teriyaki Chicken, Kimchi and broad beans. The oozing flavors of Teriyaki Chicken and veggies made the sticky rice delish.

My drink of the day was Vodka - Aam Panna (raw mango) drink named Maanga. The drink was just perfect for my meal.

Desserts and drinks were not part of the one bowl winter menu, but how can foodies end a meal without trying the desserts. One more reason I love this place is that all the desserts I tried was extremely foodgasmic.

As we were a small group, we ordered different dishes and got to try most of these dishes from the menu. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at the Monkey Bar and would love to visit again for some of my favorite one-bowl meals. The fest is on until Dec 30th, 2017 (may extend). The Vegetarian One bowl meal starts from ₹280+ taxes and the price for a Non-Vegetarian One bowl meal starts from ₹380 + taxes. So what are you waiting for? Head to Monkey Bar for a bowl full of happiness.
Monkey Bar
#610, 12th Main, Indiranagar
Bangalore -560038
For table reservation, contact -  080 44114455

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Check out the Old Classics Menu at Cafe Felix, Bangalore

This All-day dining Café serves some of the best burgers in town. This Café in a prime location has got the beautiful ambiance. Still confused? I am referring to Café Felix at 1MG, Bangalore. Located on Level 5 at 1MG Mall near MG Road, this Café is a must visit place for good food. My recent visit to Café Felix was more than just interesting as they decided to go retro and came up with an ‘Old Classics Menu’ which is going to be there until this month end.


Winter is here and most of us can’t skip a bowl of hot soup while dining in a restaurant. We started off with ‘Potato and Leek Soup’ topped with bacon and it was damn good. We were all happy for that extra dose of bacon along with flavors of Chives, and truffle oil in the soup.


Toasted Ham and Potato Salad -After a delicious soup, this was an absolute bliss. We, ham and potato lovers vouch for this salad.

Prawn Cocktail -No shot glasses, please! Prawn Cocktail salad presentation was totally different from the one we get nowadays. True to the theme, this was served on a salad platter and the dish was so-so.


As were a small group we ordered different dishes and we ended up tasting some absolutely wonderful dishes. This includes Braised Lamb Shanks, Spanish Seafood Paella, Beer Battered Atlantic Cod and chips, and Crumb Fried Chicken. Star dish from the entire menu was the Lobster Thermidor with Gruyére and Crabcake Benedict. Who would expect a treasure (crabcake) while waiting for Lobster Thermidor? Though I am not sure about the quantity, Chef did a wonderful job by creating this dish.


If you have a sweet tooth like me, then head to Café Felix. I love the desserts at Café Felix, they always have my favorite desserts on display. Happy souls will never say no to desserts even after a heavy main course. I tried Caramel Custard, Tiramisu, English Trifle and Baked Alaska. We polished off these desserts within seconds. Fresh and finest fruits used on Caramel Custard and English Trifle, took this dishes to a different level.


I was not keen on trying any drinks from ‘The Classics’ menu, so settled with a glass of ‘Orange you glad you got this?’ which is nothing but a Vodka based drink with fresh Orange and basil.

Overall I had a great time checking out the Old fashioned menu and I would love to visit again for trying more dishes and some old favs. Chef Ritvik has done a wonderful job by creating this menu and it was so nice of him to take individual feedback from all the diners. A meal for two would be ₹1800/- (approximately). Check out some of my favorites from the previous visit to Cafe Felix :)

Cafe Felix
Level 5, 1MG Mall
Trinity Circle, MG Road
For reservations, contact - 080 22086644

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Misu introduces 'The Misu Ninja Meal' for the Pan Asian food lovers!

Misu (Mizu) in Japanese means Water. You must be wondering what I have to do with this Japanese term. For Japanese people, it’s water and for Bengalureans, Misu is a beautiful restaurant with fairly authentic Pan Asian food. Located in one of the prime locations- St.Mark’s Road, Misu can’t be easily missed in your Google map. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, this is kind of restaurant you would love to spend time, enjoying a Pan Asian meal and the lovely ambiance.

The first thing you would notice in this chic and cozy restaurant will be the artistic creations all around. For Instagrammers, there are perfect spots and interesting props you could use for your photos. I love the hues of Grey and Maroon shades they have used in the décor. Wall art by Samantha King will surely grab your attention.

A fortnight ago I was at Misu for lunch with few friends to try the newly launched ‘The Misu Ninja Meal’. Ninja meal which is fit for warriors and here the warriors are Corporate people :P With an attractive pricing, you can try an assortment of dishes from their Ninja menu.

For ‘welcome drink’ I tried a hot cup of Bandrek which is an Indonesian drink made of lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, jaggery, star anise and coconut milk. The warm flavor of the drink was refreshing and much need for this changing weather.

You will see a lot of vegetarian dishes from my pics. Thanks to my bro, Neel who was planning to keep Navratri fasting and ended up ordering vegetarian dishes for me as well. We tried the Tom Kha Soup (Veg), Green Mango Salad, Crispy Fried Wonton, Moonshine Dumpling, Spicy Tofu avocado Maki (on special request, we got the beef version as well). The accompaniments given were Vietnamese dip, Black bean sauce, pickled cucumber & carrot, and Shanghai Dim sum chili paste. By the time we finished the appetizers, Neel’s ‘fasting gaye thel lene’. His fasting plan was completely screwed up after having the scrumptious food at Misu. We were bit disappointed when Tom Yum Soup was served without Prawns.

With TV shows and online channels, people really don’t need to travel to know about food or cuisine, but to experience the flavors one must visit different places. Curries like Thai Green/Red curry or Krapow Chicken with Jasmine rice are popular in most of the upscale restaurants; same with Misu. In addition to the above dishes, some of our favorites were Thai Wok fried rice and Spicy Chilli Basil Noodles from the main course menu.

Next one was a much-awaited session – Desserts. I was dying to have their Lemongrass Ice cream Sandwich after seeing a couple of Instagram pics and luckily this was available on the Ninja menu. Lemongrass ice cream sandwiched between spongecake was mess-free eating than I thought. Japanese Souffle Cheesecake is for the people who love every bit of baked cheesecake.

PS:Drinks were not part of the Ninja Meal menu
Overall The Misu Ninja meal is good option for an exotic meal on a busy working day (Monday – Thursday). Their menu is simple, so customers won’t get confused or waste time while placing the order. The Misu Ninja meal is priced at 777 (Veg) and 888 (Non veg)- excluding taxes.
Level 4, 
9 Halcyon Complex,
St. Mark's Road
For table bookings, contact - +919686992071

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Southern Thai Food Festival at Benjarong, Bengaluru!

A few days back I visited Benjarong, Bengaluru for their ongoing Southern Thai Food Festival (till Oct 8th, 2017) and was surprised with my experience thinking why on the earth I haven’t been here before? Benjarong means 'five colors’ used in the unique Thai Porcelain. The intricate and fine detail used in this porcelain makes this different from other pottery creations and a favorite piece of art for royal and commercial use. My experience at Benjarong was also so unique in terms of food and service they offered.

When I finally decided to visit this restaurant, I had the confidence that they won’t disappoint me. Why because, till now I haven’t heard a bad experience about this restaurant. My friend and I undoubtedly love Pan Asian cuisine; especially ‘Thai’ and we were so happy to dine at Benjarong where you will find only authentic flavors on your table.

We started our lunch with ‘Miam Khum’ which is a traditional welcome platter in Thailand. The Thai version of ‘Amuse Bouche’ I would say. The platter consisted of lettuce leaves, roasted peanuts, fried coconut silvers, lime, galangal, onion, chilies, and jaggery- coconut sauce. All you have to do is, pick a small portion of each item on a leaf, wrap it and just enjoy. First time I tried something like this and the crazy combo just created a burst of flavors in my mouth!

Southern Thailand is famous for its fresh seafood and spicy take on food. Unlike Indian or Chinese cuisines, Thai cuisine uses more of fresh herbs and ingredients than dry spices or sauces. I always felt Thai and Kerala cuisines have many similarities because of the usage of fresh coconut, ginger, bird’s eye chili etc. What we tried at Benjarong was an amalgamation of (Umami) taste – sweet, salty spicy, sour, and tangy.


Yum Pla Dook Foo – Steamed, minced and deep-fried catfish topped with raw mango salad and cashew nuts. Trust me! The best raw mango salad I have tried till date. The generous sprinkle of deep fried catfish crumbles on this salad will give you extra oomph factor.


Gaeng Som Cha-Om Talay  a traditional spicy seafood soup with Cha Om (Spinach leaves) omelette. I could live my entire life with this soup and the raw mango salad :)


Goong Tod Gai – Beautifully made minced Chicken dumpling with Prawns stuffing. The deep fried dish went well with the spicy dip.

Gai hor baitaey- The succulent morsels of chicken delicately marinated, wrapped in pandan leaves and deep fried. A signature dish of Benjarong served from more than a decade.

Gai Kolae – Spicy red Chili marinated chicken satay (skewers), a typical Southern Thai delight which tasted good.

Main course

Khao Pahd Sri Racha – Spicy fried rice with choice of meat or veggies wrapped in lotus leaf, steamed and served hot. I tried this Khua Kling neau and the combo was heavenly. The spicy flavors from Bird’s eye chili and green peppercorn can literally put your a** on fire :P If you don’t prefer beef, you can either try Chicken or Tofu in this curry.

Pad See Ew (Kanna- Broccoli) – Spicy flat noodles tossed with green vegetables was a standalone dish which can be taken without any accompaniments.

Khua Kling (Neau – beef) – minced beef curry with lots of kaffir lime leaves, bird’s eye chilies and tender peppercorns


Tub Tim Krob – water chestnut rubies served with sweetened and chilled coconut milk.

Kluay buat chee – Bananas cooked in palm sugar syrup and topped with sweetened coconut cream and served with vanilla ice cream

The taste lingers in my mouth while writing this review and if you haven’t tried this fest, then head to Benjarong. I had an extraordinary experience of Thai cuisine at Benjarong, something which I haven’t experienced before. The key ingredients are all imported and hence provide their patrons the best and authentic Thai experience. Yeah… Some restaurants do magic and I left this place with a completely satisfied feeling. South Thai Food Festival will be on till 8th Oct 2017 and available for lunch and dinner (a la carte). A meal for two would be 1500 (approximately. Do check out and share your feedback with me :) #Yougottatryit
#12/1, Above Ente Keralam
Ulsoor Road, Bangalore
For reservations, contact - +91 9902410269 

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