Sunday, February 7, 2021

Head to Coalspark HSR Layout for some kickass Arabian and Indian dishes!

Sometimes I wonder that Multi-cuisine culture was found by Indians or what. I love going to restaurants with such tag, where I get to try different global cuisines. My love for Middle Eastern food made me visit Coalspark at HSR Layout earlier this week. They are popular for their Arabian style Grilled dishes as well as Indian dishes.

Going to a restaurant is not easy as it was before. When a restaurant and its staff follow all the safety measures, diners feel utmost comfortable. On my recent visit, I met Mr.Muddassar (Co-Founder at Coalspark), a very young entrepreneur who has put his passion for food to a different level. I was blown away by his hospitality skills. He talks to every customer and it was a surprise to see the restaurant was almost full on a weekday afternoon. Their staffs are also very attentive.

I tried their fast-selling 'Pepper Chicken', and the fiery 'Gun fired Chicken'. The making for Gun fired Chicken on the coal fire was fun to watch. The flavorful Pepper Chicken comes with Kubboos, Mayonnaise, and some veggies. Though the Gunfire chicken had great flavors, the tenderness of Chicken was not up to my liking.

The next dish I tried was not on their menu yet but already popular with their regular customers - 'Shaadi ki Biriyani' which I would like to call Ammi's Biriyani. The Muslim wedding style biriyani tasted so delectable and it's one of the best I had in recent times. I tried Biriyani with Tandoori Prawns. They are having a Seafood festival till the end of February. The beautiful charred flavors from the grilled items were bang on.

I also tried their Kizhi Porotta and I know there are so many fans for this humble dish packed with flavors. Kizhi is nothing but a parcel; banana leaf layered with Porotta and Chicken masala wrapped in the shape of Kizhi/pouch will be grilled/steamed before serving it hot. Once the kizhi is open, the air will be filled with fresh aromas.

I enjoyed a glass of Arabian pulpy Grape juice along with smokey grilled food. They have a separate section for desserts and fresh juices. Post lockdown I am very addicted to Falooda. The layered goodness has 3 varieties of ice creams, flavored vermicelli, soaked basil seeds, dry fruits and nuts, tutti fruity, and fruit syrups; isn't enough for one to fall in love with this frozen dessert?

I really enjoyed the dishes I tried at Coalspark and already planning to order from them soon. Do try the dishes I mentioned and it will be a treat and don't miss the Shaadi ki Biryani and Falooda.
#1567, Ground Floor
NGR Complex
27th Main, Sector 1
HSR Layout
Bangalore - 560068
Phone no: +91 97430 36444
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Monday, January 25, 2021

A new favourite Ice cream spot in Indiranagar - Iceberg Ice creams!


As Summer scorching in slowly, the weather demands for food and drinks that keep you cool. The anthem for current weather is - "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream." A recent favorite spot for Ice cream is in Indiranagar 12th Main - Iceberg Ice creams.

You will see the tag '100% organic' the moment you enter the outlet and here are some of the reasons which I liked about this brand -
  • They use organic A2 milk.
  • They don't use preservatives or artificial coloring agents.
  • They use organic rock sugar and gond (edible gum) instead of processed white sugar and artificial binders.
  • Ice cream contains less fat content.
  • They also have healthier options like goat milk, charcoal, and sugarless ice creams.
  • They have 31 varieties of ice creams.
  • Rich in nutrients and minerals.
  • Customers can choose a variety of toppings.
  • Pricing is very reasonable.

Having spanned a journey of over 4o years, each flavor is crafted with the goodness of completely natural and organic ingredients. Their ingredients are carefully sourced - creamiest cocoa from Africa, Custard apple (Sitaphal) from Telangana's organic farm, jackfruit from Panruti, and many more. Their ice creams give a fresh and velvety feel in every bite. I was so surprised when I tasted the 'eggless' bubble waffle.

My favorites - Sea salt caramel (coldstone one), Goat milk with choco chips, Bubble waffle Nutella Monk, and Charcoal ice cream.
They have outlets in Indiranagar, JP Nagar, Basaveshwanagar, Yelahanka, and Arkere and opening soon at Marathahalli and KR Puram. If you understand the difference between frozen desserts and Ice cream, then you will surely love this brand. Do visit your nearby Iceberg outlet to enjoy a sweet treat.

Iceberg Icecreams
#2984, 12th Main Road
HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar
Bangalore - 560008
Ph no: 08050018814
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Thursday, January 21, 2021

An easy peasy Chicken fry recipe!

An experiment turned out good and this Chicken fry can be the perfect munching option for the weekend evening. Here is a quick and simple my style recipe for crunchy, tasty Chicken fry.


Chicken (Boneless) - 1 kg (2'' cubes)

For paste
Onion - 1medium
Chilli - 4-5 no's
Ginger - 2"
Garlic - 10 cloves
Curry leaves - 1 strand
Crushed Chilli/ Chilli flakes - 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Kashmiri Chilli powder - 2 tsp
Vinegar - 1 tsp
Salt - as required

For frying
Coconut (grated) - 1 cup
Chilli - 5-6 no's
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp 
Curry leaves - 2 strands
Garlic - 5 cloves (crushed with skin)
Oil - as required


  • In a blender, grind all the ingredients mentioned under 'for paste' (except salt).
  • Marinate chicken cubes with the ground masala + salt. Keep it aside for 1 hour.
  • In a pan, add 1 tbsp oil and fry grated coconut till golden brown color. Add 1/2 tsp chilli powder and keep it aside.

  • In a heavy-bottomed pan, add oil and add the marinated chicken pieces and saute well. Once the Chicken starts leaving the water, close the pan with a lid. Stir occasionally and cook till chicken turns crispy. Turn off the flame and keep it aside.

  • Heat oil in a small pan and add slit green chillies, curry leaves, and crushed garlic pods and fry well.  Combine this with fried coconut and add it to the cooked chicken and fry it for a minute on low flame.
  • Adjust spice levels according to your taste buds. 

  • Serve it hot with chapati/rice.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A visit to Mullapanthal Restaurant (Toddy Shop) in Kochi, Kerala

Today I want to share one of the best experiences I had in Kochi (my hometown) exactly on this day, about 2 years ago. I had an opportunity to visit the most popular toddy shop - Mullapanthal Restaurant (Toddy shop/Shaap) in Tripunithura which is very close to my home. This was my first ever visit to a family-friendly toddy shop. 

The visit to this place was worth all the hype which I've been hearing from ages. Mulla means Jasmine and panthal is pent/shed; exactly what you will be welcomed when you reach this place - a jasmine canopy at the entrance. They serve local brew (Coconut toddy) with all traditional fish and meat dishes.

The highlight of this place is that you will see a group of ladies in the kitchen preparing all the alluring dishes. The main Chef Radhamma is working there for 30+ years. Due to time constrain I visited this place for lunch soon after a late breakfast, so couldn't savor most of the popular dishes. I enjoyed a glass of Toddy with Konju (Prawns) roast, Kozhuva (anchovy) fry, kappa (Tapioca), and Vatta (Trevally fish) curry. Their fish head curry is so popular.

The place was so packed with the family crowd and I am glad I was lucky to visit this toddy shop. If you ever get a chance to travel to Kochi, include Mullapanthal Toddy Shop in your itinerary, I bet it will be a treat to your taste buds.
Mullapanthal Restaurant
MLA Road, Udayamperur
Kochi, Kerala - 68230
Ph No: 0484 - 2791227

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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Check out the new Mamagoto outlet at Koramangala

Till a few months ago dining out was luxury; without any worries, without any forethoughts. Now in the time of pandemic, when things are slowly getting back to normal we have to ensure we could enjoy quality time at any restaurant with safety norms taken care of. Recently I've been to the newly opened Mamagoto at Koramangala for a weekend lunch.

First things first, they follow all the safety measures for a worriless dining experience. The menu with the QR scanner on every table makes it easier for customers for a no-contact order, which is highly appreciable at this time. The staffs are very polite and attentive.

Guavagoto Cocktail <3

This new outlet has a quirky and special charm compare to the Indiranagar outlet. The open space dining can be maximum utilized in their rooftop area, literally surrounded with greenery which is quite a calming sight when you enjoy the meal.

The manager Mr. Saket helped me with the order and I tried their new 'Broccoli and dates salad' along with the classic 'Som Tam salad'. I've never tried Broccoli and dates combination before. To my surprise, I loved it than Som Tam.

All this while, I was missing dumplings a lot. So I started with their signature dumplings - 'Prawns and celery', 'Street style spicy (chicken and veg)', and 'Rainbow dumplings (chicken)'. They served various sauces with the dumplings.

After the dumpling course, I had 'Traditional crispy lamb', 'Rock shrimp tempura' and 'Shrimp with dried red chilli' -crispy and cooked-to-perfection starters which I don't miss when at Mamagoto.

After stuffing myself with the soul-filling appetizers, the main course we ordered was one bowl meal - 'Fiery shrimp fried rice with Asian green chilli chicken ribbons'. The bowl was so good that no accompaniments were needed with it.

For dessert, it was my all-time favorite 'Caramel sponge cake' (this time without Vanilla icecream) - a perfect way to end the phenomenal lunch. Be prepared to overeat when you dine-in/order from Mamagoto because the Pan Asian fare is so irresistible. Overall, I had a fabulous time at this new outlet and I can't wait to go there again.

Check out my instareel - Lunch at Mamagoto
#17, SBI Colony
Next to Toshiba
1st Cross, Koramangala 3rd Block
Bangalore - 560034
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