Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Kappa Chakka Kandhari reopens in Bengaluru with all new dining experience for its patrons!

Walking into your favorite restaurant after almost 1+ years and seeing all those familiar faces again with the same vibes is a special feeling. Think about that drool-worthy Karimeen fry, Vazhappoo Cultlet, Lacy appam with mutton stew, Prawns Kizhi, Ramassery idli, Netholi fry, Kandhari (Bird's eye chilli) ice cream, Cloud pudding (Tender coconut pudding) etc; which restaurant comes to your mind? Without any second thoughts, it'll be Kappa Chappa Kandhari in Koramangala. Yes people... Your favorite Kerala restaurant has reopened a few weeks ago and the best part is they are having set menus (Chef's special tasting menu) this time.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari literally translates to the three main and inevitable ingredients from the Kerala Cuisine - Kappa - Tapioca, Chakka - Jackfruit, and Kandhari - Bird's eye Chilli. What caught my attention this time was the nostalgic names which goes like Naadan memories (Veg), Monsoon Magic (Veg), Snehatheeram (Veg), Vayanasala specials (Non-veg), Ammachi specials (Non-veg), Toddy Shop Memories, Naaduvazhi, Rajayogi, etc. They even have 'one-pot meals' and also a curated menu for kids.

Orange Goli Soda <3

Absolute Kandhari

When I visit KCK foods, I won't miss their Goli Soda and Absolute Kandhari drink. These drinks go well with the exotic Kerala food you try there.

A must try Poornachandran njandu (Soft-shell crab)

Karimeen fry

From the curated set menus, we tried the 'Naaduvazhi' and 'Rajayogi' from the non-vegetarian selection, and OMG.. both the combos were mind-blowing. The Naaduvaazhi set menu had 'one beverage and dessert of our choice', Grilled Jumbo Prawn, Toddy shop style Irachi Fry, Koondal (Squid) roast, Chicken cutlet, Pineapple Nendran Masala (which reminded me how badly I miss Kerala wedding Sadhya), Vattayappam with Duck Mappas, Idiappam with Prawns Thengapal curry (this combo is to die for <3 ), Thattum muttum (Kappa/Tapioca biriyani), and Suleimani tea.

Appam with Mutton stew

Thattum muttum

Pidi with Chicken curry

The Rajayogi menu was comparatively elaborate one with interesting dishes like Prawn kizhi (Prawns cooked with coconut masala and kudampuli), Chicken Peralan, Mutton Coconut fry, Kozhuva fry, Karimeen fry, Poornachandran Njnandu (Softshell crab) fry, Pineapple Nendran Masala, Pidi (rice dumplings in coconut milk) with Chicken curry, Appam with Mutton stew, Prawns Puttu Biriyani along with Suleimani, and one beverage and dessert of our choice'.

For desserts, I tried my all-time favorite Kandhari ice cream, Cloud pudding, and palada payasam and ended our meal with a piping hot Suleimani tea.

Man who creates magic in the kitchen - Chef Regi Mathew

Culinary Director & Co-Owner Chef Regi Mathew and his team always succeeded in bringing the traditional and home flavors to people who enjoy the beautiful Kerala cuisine. The flavor profiles just take you back to either a toddy shop, backwaters, or that simple ammachi (Mother's) kitchen you have visited on your Kerala trip. The food is way beyond amazing and it's a treat for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Overall the set menu is a feast for any food lover and its pricing starts from INR 575++. They are following all safety precautions and for a better experience book your table well in advance.

As always, I had an exceptional dining experience here and can't wait to visit again to savor all my favorite dishes.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari
#438, 18th Main Road
Koramangala 6th Block
Next to Devi Eye Hospital
Bengaluru - 560095
For table reservations, contact - +91 6364671010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Sunday Funday - 'Brunch by the Blue' at Splash at Aloft Cessna Business Park, Bengaluru!

Brunch in Bangalore is a usual weekend ritual for ooru people. It's not about the brunch, where you go for it matters. One of my favorite hotels - Aloft Cessna Business Park is back with their weekend brunch, 'Brunch by the Blue'. The Poolside brunch is truly an experience with an eclectic array of food and view. They have Indian, Oriental, Mexican, and European cuisines included for the Sunday brunch along with live - grill counters.

Before getting there I was a bit worried about the hot weather, but their settings are so perfect the diners will be so relaxed near the poolside.

I tried very selective dishes - I loved their fresh salads, roasted Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Thai green curry with steamed rice, noodles, and Egg appam with Chicken stew. The special dishes need special mention and Grilled Seafood was the best of all. They had Anchovies, Pomfret, Mackerel, Butterfish, Seer fish, and much more ready to be grilled in delicious masala coating. The Gondhoraj lemon drink spiked with Vodka was so refreshing.

If you're a sucker for desserts, then you will be spoilt with choices as they have a variety of Indian and European desserts on display. Their Chef is amazing with the artwork created through the pastries.
Overall, I enjoyed a fabulous poolside brunch and would love to visit this hotel for more interesting dining experiences.

Pricing: INR 1199/- per person (Food package)
              INR 1799/- per person (Food + IMFL package)

For more information, Call+91 8884452271
Aloft Cessna Business Park
Outer Ring Road
Bengaluru - 560103
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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Head to Coalspark HSR Layout for some kickass Arabian and Indian dishes!

Sometimes I wonder that Multi-cuisine culture was found by Indians or what. I love going to restaurants with such tag, where I get to try different global cuisines. My love for Middle Eastern food made me visit Coalspark at HSR Layout earlier this week. They are popular for their Arabian style Grilled dishes as well as Indian dishes.

Going to a restaurant is not easy as it was before. When a restaurant and its staff follow all the safety measures, diners feel utmost comfortable. On my recent visit, I met Mr.Muddassar (Co-Founder at Coalspark), a very young entrepreneur who has put his passion for food to a different level. I was blown away by his hospitality skills. He talks to every customer and it was a surprise to see the restaurant was almost full on a weekday afternoon. Their staffs are also very attentive.

I tried their fast-selling 'Pepper Chicken', and the fiery 'Gun fired Chicken'. The making for Gun fired Chicken on the coal fire was fun to watch. The flavorful Pepper Chicken comes with Kubboos, Mayonnaise, and some veggies. Though the Gunfire chicken had great flavors, the tenderness of Chicken was not up to my liking.

The next dish I tried was not on their menu yet but already popular with their regular customers - 'Shaadi ki Biriyani' which I would like to call Ammi's Biriyani. The Muslim wedding style biriyani tasted so delectable and it's one of the best I had in recent times. I tried Biriyani with Tandoori Prawns. They are having a Seafood festival till the end of February. The beautiful charred flavors from the grilled items were bang on.

I also tried their Kizhi Porotta and I know there are so many fans for this humble dish packed with flavors. Kizhi is nothing but a parcel; banana leaf layered with Porotta and Chicken masala wrapped in the shape of Kizhi/pouch will be grilled/steamed before serving it hot. Once the kizhi is open, the air will be filled with fresh aromas.

I enjoyed a glass of Arabian pulpy Grape juice along with smokey grilled food. They have a separate section for desserts and fresh juices. Post lockdown I am very addicted to Falooda. The layered goodness has 3 varieties of ice creams, flavored vermicelli, soaked basil seeds, dry fruits and nuts, tutti fruity, and fruit syrups; isn't enough for one to fall in love with this frozen dessert?

I really enjoyed the dishes I tried at Coalspark and already planning to order from them soon. Do try the dishes I mentioned and it will be a treat and don't miss the Shaadi ki Biryani and Falooda.
#1567, Ground Floor
NGR Complex
27th Main, Sector 1
HSR Layout
Bangalore - 560068
Phone no: +91 97430 36444
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