Monday, October 2, 2023

All about my recent lunch at Noodle Bar, Bengaluru!

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Noodle Bar, a delightful Pan-Asian restaurant tucked away inside Phoenix Market City.

What I ordered:

To kick off our culinary journey, my friend & I ordered the Laksa Prawns Dim Sum. These delicate, translucent parcels were a revelation! The prawns inside were succulent and the laksa base was bursting with flavors. A must-try dish for seafood lovers.

The Double Cooked Chilli Lamb was a fantastic starter. Tender thin slices of lamb were double-cooked to achieve a crispy exterior while retaining their juicy tenderness inside. The fiery chilli sauce added a thrilling kick that left our taste buds tingling for more.

The Som Tum Salad was a refreshing interlude. The vibrant mix of shredded raw papaya, carrots, and peanuts tossed in a zesty lime dressing was a delightful contrast to the fiery lamb. It cleansed our palate and prepared us for the main course.

The star of our meal was undoubtedly the Jado Chicken with Thai Chilli Basil Rice which we ordered for the main course. The chicken was expertly seasoned and stir-fried with a medley of vegetables, all infused with aromatic sauces and chili. The flavors were robust and exhilarating, leaving us craving every last morsel. The fragrant Thai Chilli Basil Rice provided the perfect canvas for this mouthwatering experience.

We washed down our delectable meal with the Guava Chilli drink – a refreshing surprise. The sweet and tangy guava flavor was beautifully balanced with a hint of chilli heat, making it a unique and memorable beverage choice. Here I just fell in love with one drink - the classic 'Masala Cola' - a must-try drink.
The staff at Noodle Bar were exceptionally friendly and attentive throughout our meal, ensuring that everything was well taken care of. The restaurant's tasteful decor and soothing ambiance made it an ideal spot for a relaxed dining experience.

In conclusion, our visit to Noodle Bar was a delightful Pan-Asian culinary journey. While the starters, especially the Laksa Prawns Dim Sum and Double Cooked Chilli Lamb, left us impressed, it was the Jado Chicken with Thai Chilli Basil Rice that stole the show. Coupled with the friendly staff and the calming atmosphere within the bustling mall, Noodle Bar will be a preferred dining place for yet another unforgettable dining experience.

Noodle Bar
Level 2, Phoenix Market City

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