Tuesday, July 26, 2022

A whole new coffee experience at Maverick & Farmer Coffee Roasters Cafe, Bengaluru!

When it comes to Coffee, I spend some time selecting the brew of my choice. When you get older, you narrow down your choices of daily needs and always prefer the best in the market. Coffee is the most preferred drink worldwide and India comes in the top 10 coffee-producing countries. Karnataka produces more than 70% of Coffee in India. We have many artisanal coffee brands available these days.

Recently I visited Maverick & Farmer Coffee Roasters Cafe in Ulsoor. The makers of this brand wisely selected the location and the moment you enter this beautiful Café, you know you won't leave the place in a hurry.

My coffee preference totally depends on my mood, though the coffee aroma is so calming even for not a hardcore caffeine addict like me. Mostly I prefer milk-based coffee and at times pour-over or cold brew. When you order coffee and see the brewer making it in an incredible Italian Coffee machine and before serving he/she creates a small coffee art in the cup, you know your day is sorted.

I started with their Signature latte - Toasted Almond and this nutty flavored coffee was perfect for the rainy afternoon. They have an elaborate breakfast menu and we tried their Turkish eggs. The medley of oozy eggs with greek yogurt was simply the best I had in town. The second coffee I tried was so special, 'Clarified Cappuccino', made through a special process where they extract milk particles from the cappuccino and it's served like an iced coffee.

Other interesting Coffees to try at Maverick Cafe - 
Ol' Smoky (Pour-over) - A medium roast, smoky, Toffee flavored cold coffee, which is the world's first and only cold-smoked coffee.

'Spresso Citron - Another interesting must-try coffee if you like the citrusy taste. It's hard to miss this shaken, not stirred frozen espresso with a dash of orange and chocolate flavors.

From the food menu, I tried their Crispy Chicken Burger and 'The Medit Edit Pizza'. The Burger had crispy double chicken patties, jalapeno, lettuce, served along with dips and potato wafers. The main highlight of the pizza was that it had eggplants and surprisingly this combo of smoked eggplants, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto created a burst of flavors.

If you love making cold brew (14-16 hrs) or usual coffee at home, then check out the range of very affordable coffee packs they have on display. You can either buy roasted beans or ground coffee. They have board games and books, and also this cafe is 'Pet-friendly'. I went to this Cafe with a coffee junkie and both of us loved the experience. I'm definitely gonna visit again.
Maverick & Farmer Coffee
#3, Gangadhar Chetty Road,
Next to South United Football Club,
Ulsoor, Bengaluru

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