Friday, November 25, 2016

New watering hole in town - Biergarten, Whitefield

Whitefield has more reasons to welcome people from the other part of town. I'm not referring to VR Bengaluru this time :P It's about the new watering hole in namma ooru - Biergarten, Whitefield. I got an invite for the launch a month ago and had a relaxing time at this new place with other foodies, socialites, and blogger friends. So what's special about this place? I must say that they've got a vibrant and wonderful ambiance with open air as well as indoor seating, innovative cocktails, four varieties of tap beer, great food, and a friendly service.

Except for shopping I always skip traveling to that part of town. A normal human being can't imagine traveling that side on a working day. But now that Biergarten has opened its door to the public, people won't mind traveling to Whitefield no matter whether it's a working day or not.

I started my evening with some interesting cocktails. It was fun to watch the bartender making cocktails and mocktails with a little bit of molecular technique. Soon after my friends came we settled for a chitchat session, and ordered some appetizers, main course and desserts. I just felt like there was 'food flood' on our table. Service was so quick and food served was amazing. From finger food to Continental, Chinese and European cuisines, Biergarten's food menu is enough to spoil you with choices.

Some of the must-try dishes from their menu are Tellicherry Pepper Prawns, Lemon spiked Chicken Tikka, Mediterranean Veg Lasagna, and Kai Pad Krapow with Steamed Jasmine Rice. Few dishes like Pork spare ribs, Biergarten Chicken wings and nachos were only for the pics. It just vanished soon after the dishes were kept in front of foodies. But there is always a next time and I am sure when I go to Biergarten next time I will not miss those yummy appetizers. We also ordered a Corn and Spinach Dim sum for the poor veg soul. Dim sum was served with two sauces and it was good.

For the main course, I ordered Kai Pad Krapow with Steamed Jasmine Rice which was the best decision of that evening. Minced chicken in flavorful Thai sauce served with steamed Jasmine Rice. I just know that in few minutes my plate was clean. I will never say no to this dish. It was such a damn good dish. I also had a bite of tasty Lasagna from my partner in crime but sadly Lasagna was veg. I am definitely going back there to try the Chicken Lasagna. I don't like having desserts with drinks especially when I am at any event. So I nicely skipped the dessert part but when a yummy plate of deconstructed black forest was kept in front of me I couldn't resist and tried it. Vanilla ice cream on top of deconstructed cake and chocolate shaving is definitely worth trying. Red velvet coconut cheesecake was also good.

They have a microbrewery but this time Beer on tap was not that interesting as they had only three beers out of four varieties. Corona, Budweiser, Heineken and few major brands were available. I started with a glass of 'Essential for moods' which was a white rum based cocktail with ylang ylang, jasmine, geranium, lime and cranberry juice. Though drink was good it was not my kinda drink, so I changed the drink with a refreshing Smoke Orange Caipiroska. The Orange bitters mixed with vodka tasted amazing. This is a perfect drink for summer. Smokey flavor from the drink was just awesome. Do you know the size and shape of beer glass matters when enjoying your favorite beer? I opted for a glass of dark lager and it was satisfying and quenched my beer thirst. I wish they had seasonal flavor beer as well. They will have in future, it's just that I was not lucky this time. Food and drinks are reasonably priced. It won't burn your pocket.

This is the place you would love to spend time, click, tweet and post pics on Instagram. The launch was well-organized and I was lucky to meet the owner Kapil Dua who has got ample experience in F&B industry. Thanks to Manju and Rahul Nanda for inviting me for Biergarten launch. I had a great time.

A meal for two would be ₹1500/- (approximately) with alcohol. They also have valet parking. Do check out their FB page (click here) for more information and updates on interesting live-events.

#188, Doddenekundi Industrial area,
Graphite India Main Road,
Whitefield, Bangalore
For reservations, contact 080 49652776

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Healthy, tasty, and spoilt for choice - All about the new menu at Hunan, Koramangala

Soups, dim sum, hot Hakka noodles and my winter is all set. This is what I was thinking when I visited Hunan last week for the preview of new menu. My perception of Chinese food completely changed when I tried the authentic Chinese food at Hunan. The word authentic is very tricky one. Most of the people serve unhealthy and nowhere-close-to authentic dishes in the name of Chinese cuisine. Hunan restaurant is different and serves the best Chinese food in town. This was my first visit to Hunan after hearing a lot about them. Hunan is located in the busy streets of Koramangala 5th Block. From outside the restaurant looks very dinky and once you enter you will have a different feeling. Their ambiance is good with an earthy and modern look; a break from many Chinese restaurants with 'enter the dark world' look.

The new menu consists of 70 new dishes carefully curated by Jagdish M Menda, (Owner of Hunan Restaurant) and Chef Pema Takchung Lepchaand. The highlight of this healthy and interesting menu is that most of the dishes are gluten-free. Chinese food and gluten-free? That's something new to my palate in recent times. Gluten-free food means not all the cereals and sauces are off the menu. Hunan's new menu is having salads, steamed dishes, appetizers, main course and 'meal by itself' for single diners. It's difficult for me to choose a favorite dish from the dinner as the dishes served were really outstanding.

Menu for the night
Asian flavor Chicken salad

Thai Seafood and Rice Vermicelli Salad

If Asian flavor Chicken salad was burst of flavors with fresh ingredients like carrot, red cabbage, shredded chicken, spring onion tossed with peanut butter and vinaigrette dressing then Thai seafood and rice vermicelli salad was so perfectly made.

Chicken Hot Basil
Chicken Hot Basil - Finely chopped chicken with bird's eye chili, basil, garlic, and served in a lettuce cup. I just loved this crunchy and flavorful starter. It was not spicy enough for me who love bird's eye chili.
Shredded Pork Beijing Style
Shredded Pork Beijing Style - Crispy starter made of Beijing style bean paste shredded pork and served in a noodle basket. I will never get bored of this dish.

Fried Chili Prawns with Tamarind Sauce

Sugarcane skewered Chicken

Fried Corn Curd Chili Pepper

Salt and Pepper Silken Tofu

All the starters were outstanding and the dishes which blew my mind were - Salt and pepper silken Tofu, Fried Corn Curd Chili Pepper, Chicken Hot Basil, and Shredded Pork Beijing Style. Fried Chili Prawns with Tamarind Sauce and Sugarcane skewered Chicken were also done well with right amount of spices and flavors.

Hong Kong styled steamed Seer Fish

Asian Style Stuffed Tofu with Chicken

Hong Kong styled steamed Seer Fish and Asian Style Stuffed Tofu with Chicken were served from the steamed dishes menu. Steamed Seer Fish and vegetables served with a ginger- coriander broth tasted extraordinary. You will get all the flavors in the fish in every bite. Tofu with Chicken was extra dose of protein but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tofu was the softest one I have ever had in any of the restaurants.

Main course
Raw mango Chili Fish

Assorted Vegetables in Chili Oyster Sauce

Pork and Asparagus with Hot Bean Sauce

Lo Han Jai
After having the fantabulous appetizers our expectation was high for the main course. The main course served were all good especially Lo Han Jai, Raw Mango Chili fish, and the assorted Vegetables in Chili Oyster Sauce.

Meal by itself
Chicken Stew with Black Wood Ear

Chicken Peking Noodles

Chicken Peking Noodles was my favorite of all the main course. I love the combination of Chicken with Black Wood Ear but along with sticky rice it lacked flavors. So for me this was just an average dish.


Red velvet cake

Tres Leches

Desserts were not part of the tasting menu and some of us believe no meal can complete without desserts. Along with some chocolates we were served two wonderful (or should I say beautiful) desserts - Tres Leches and Red Velvet Cake. Tres Leches, also known as 'three milks cake' was made of sponge cake soaked with three types of milk- evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. This dessert was heavenly. Red velvet cake was moist and wonderfully done.

Hunan doesn't serve alcohol, so they served us two refreshing drinks which were perfect for the evening - Iced tea and Cucumber Cooler.

Overall my dinner at Hunan was very different from my past dining experience at other Chinese restaurants. Hunan has won the 'Times Food Awards' for Best Chinese Restaurant and I felt they deserve this award every year. I can't wait to take my spouse to Hunan for a romantic dinner night :) The new menu will be available from the end of November, so head to Hunan for an unforgettable dining experience.

#123, 1st Floor, KHB Colony
Opp California Pizza Kitchen,
Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

For reservations, contact 080-25520154

Check out their FB page, here

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Art of stir fry by Executive Chef Myo and team at High Ultra Lounge, Bengaluru

How about a breathtaking view from the 31st floor of World Trade Centre while you learn to make some easy stir fry dishes? I have experienced this recently at the Stir Fry Class by Executive Chef Myo, Chef Rabi Singh, and Chef Santosh at the most beautiful location in Bengaluru - High Ultra Lounge, Malleshwaram.

I love Pan-Asian stir fried dishes and when I got an invite to attend this culinary session, there was no reason to say no! This was my first visit to High Ultra Lounge which is located on the 31st floor of World Trade Centre, Malleshwaram. They have valet parking, so not to worry about finding a parking in between the hustle and bustle of that side of the city. Your 'Wow' moment starts soon after you enter the lift counting the floors. This luxurious lounge is the highest lounge in South India and its 421 ft high. The beautiful view from the lounge is not so very common scene in Bangalore.

High Ultra Lounge offers delectable Pan Asian food and chefs from High showed us how to make some of the best stir fries by sharing some of the tricks and techniques from their kitchen. The three stir fry dishes - Baby corn Eggplant, Chicken in Black Bean sauce and Long Beans with Soy Garlic sauce were on the menu for the culinary session.

Details along with recipes are given below -

Baby Corn Eggplant Stir fry

Baby Corn and Eggplant; a match made in heaven! This veggie delight is a perfect starter for any party. It's so easy to make and tastes awesome.

Recipe (Ingredients quantity in gms)
Baby corn                                   - 0.090
Eggplant                                     - 0.090
Corn flour                                   - 0.010
Onion                                          - 0.006
Garlic                                          - 0.003
Chili flakes                                 - 0.003
Fresh Coriander leaves               - 0.010
Fresh spring onion                      - 0.005
Soy sauce                                  - 0.017
Sugar                                           - 0.003
Salt                                              - 0.002
Butter                                          - 0.015
Sesame oil                                   - 0.003
Oil for deep frying

  • Slice Baby corn and Eggplant into thick julienne.
  • Coat the vegetables with corn flour, water and a pinch of salt and leave it aside.
  • Heat oil in a wok and deep fry the vegetables by adding one by one.
  • Heat sesame oil in a heavy bottomed pan and chopped onion, garlic, chili flakes, butter and sauces.
  • Add the fried veggies and chopped coriander and toss well.
  • Garnish with chopped spring onion and serve hot.

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

Chicken in Black bean sauce is one of my favorite dishes. I didn't know it's very easy to make with few ingredients which are easily available.

Recipe (Ingredients quantity given in gms)
Chicken breast                      - 0.20
Bell Pepper                           - 0.01
Black bean sauce                  - 0.02
Chopped onion                     - 0.005
Chopped garlic                     - 0.003
Chopped ginger                    - 0.003
Chili flakes                           - 0.003
Chinese wine                        - 0.015
Soy sauce                             - 0.002
Oyster sauce                         - 0.08
Black bean                           - 0.06
Fresh Coriander leaves        - 0.005
Fresh spring onion               - 0.005
Sugar                                    - 0.005
Sesame Oil

  • Roughly chop the black bean and keep it aside.
  • Add corn flour to chicken pieces by adding a little bit of water and salt.
  • Deep fry the chicken pieces till golden brown and keep it aside.
  • For sauce, combine all the sauces and wine along with chilli flakes.
  • Heat sesame oil a wok and add the chopped ginger, garlic and saute well.
  • To this mix add the chopped onion and fry till onion becomes soft.
  • Add black bean, prepared sauce and cook on slow fire till it's done.
  • Once black bean is ready, add the chopped coriander leaves and keep this aside
  • Heat oil in a pan, then add chopped ginger, garlic, onion, and fried chicken pieces. Saute well.
  • Combine the prepared sauce along with chicken and stir fry along with bell peppers.
  • Serve hot with fried rice or noodles.

Long Beans with Soy Garlic sauce

Long Beans with soy-garlic sauce and veggies were cooked to perfection. Can't get enough when super tasty and nutritious vegetables like broccoli, lotus stem, baby corn and long beans are in one bowl.

Recipe (Ingredients quantity given in gms)
Long beans                   - 0.080
Baby corn                     - 0.040
Broccoli                        - 0.020
Chili garlic sauce          - 0.020
Mushroom Oyster sauce - 0.020
Chinese wine                - 0.020
Chopped garlic             - 0.003
Soy                               - 0.005
Sugar                            - 0.010
Sesame oil
Vegetables of your choice including bell peppers, lotus stem, long beans etc

  • Combine all the sauces along with wine, chili flakes and keep it aside.
  • Blanch the veggies for less than 20 seconds. Wash and drain it in cold water.
  • Heat oil in a wok and add chopped garlic and saute well.
  • To this add chopped onions, bell pepper, lotus stem and fry till it's done.
  • Then add the blanched veggies, salt, sugar and the prepared sauce. Combine well.
  • Stir fry for few mins and serve hot with fried rice or noodles.
Chefs with a participant

The team from High made sure that audience can also be part of cooking and for each step; they were giving guidance for the participants. I had a great time by learning, clicking and tasting the stir fries. All the stir fry preparations were so good that it vanished from our plates in few seconds.

The 'Art of stir fry' class at High Ultra lounge was really helpful and I can't wait to try all these at home. We enjoyed these dishes with their in-house drink, Orange Slush. By the time we finished our culinary session it was almost sunset time and the view from High was so mesmerizing.
Bloggers with Chef Myo and his team
Big thanks to Chef Myo and his team for a wonderful evening. To know more about the culinary session, check out the YouTube video made by my blogger friend, Vidya Lakshmi and don't forget subscribe her YouTube channel for interesting recipes.

High Ultra Lounge
26/1, 31st Floor,
World Trade Centre, Dr.Rajkumar Road
Brigade Gateway Campus, Malleshwaram
To know more about High Ultra Lounge, click here

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