Thursday, June 9, 2022

Enjoy Vinyl music, food and craft beer at the newly opened Record Room, Bengaluru!

If you are a 90s kid(or before that), then Vinyl records will be still an exciting thing for you. I always used to wonder how they even record the music on Vinyl disks. Thanks to Google and Youtube, we get all the answers there, but what's the fun without experiencing it? Recently I visited Record Room at Ashok Nagar (Opp Garuda Mall) and had the most amazing music experience along with some great munchies and craft beer. The owners of this place are truly Discophiles, the passion for their Vinyl records can be experienced fully here. They have a special collection of handpicked Vinyl records from almost all music genres. The listening station is where we can enjoy the music with headphones on and if you wanna use the Vinyl record then their dedicated staff will help you to have a great experience.

DJ Sandeep at the station

The Beatles White Album

After a fun crate digging activity, my friends & I enjoyed the music we grew up listening to. The experience was truly mesmerizing. The need of the hour, along with good music was craft brew. I ordered my favorite, dark and strong Stout beer and my non-alcoholic friends ordered cold coffee and other drinks.

We tried the following food -

Cigarette - Cheese Cigar roll stuffed with Oregano & Jalapeno cheese.

Prawns in fresh Coconut crust & Balchao sauce - Coconut crumbed Prawns served with Chef's special Balchao sauce.

Dynamite Fish - Spicy Beer battered fish in creamy Chilli dynamite sauce.

Tandoori Chicken Mille Feuille - Smoky spiced Chicken with yogurt topped with Potato Mille Feuille.

Mini Pork Belly - Roasted Pork Belly topped with Mango Chilli Jam. The crackling skin on soft Pork belly cubes with a hint of Mango Chilli Jam was simply a match made in heaven.

For desserts, I tried their Lemon Mousse and Coffee Panna cotta. Absolutely loved their desserts and don't miss it when you visit this amazing place.

Overall my first experience at Record Room was way beyond great and would love to visit again for the love of music, good food & craft beer,  and good mood.
Record Room
#16/3, Magrath Road
Opp Garuda Mall
Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru
For reservations, contact - +91 9008100866

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