Monday, October 2, 2023

All about my recent lunch at Noodle Bar, Bengaluru!

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Noodle Bar, a delightful Pan-Asian restaurant tucked away inside Phoenix Market City.

What I ordered:

To kick off our culinary journey, my friend & I ordered the Laksa Prawns Dim Sum. These delicate, translucent parcels were a revelation! The prawns inside were succulent and the laksa base was bursting with flavors. A must-try dish for seafood lovers.

The Double Cooked Chilli Lamb was a fantastic starter. Tender thin slices of lamb were double-cooked to achieve a crispy exterior while retaining their juicy tenderness inside. The fiery chilli sauce added a thrilling kick that left our taste buds tingling for more.

The Som Tum Salad was a refreshing interlude. The vibrant mix of shredded raw papaya, carrots, and peanuts tossed in a zesty lime dressing was a delightful contrast to the fiery lamb. It cleansed our palate and prepared us for the main course.

The star of our meal was undoubtedly the Jado Chicken with Thai Chilli Basil Rice which we ordered for the main course. The chicken was expertly seasoned and stir-fried with a medley of vegetables, all infused with aromatic sauces and chili. The flavors were robust and exhilarating, leaving us craving every last morsel. The fragrant Thai Chilli Basil Rice provided the perfect canvas for this mouthwatering experience.

We washed down our delectable meal with the Guava Chilli drink – a refreshing surprise. The sweet and tangy guava flavor was beautifully balanced with a hint of chilli heat, making it a unique and memorable beverage choice. Here I just fell in love with one drink - the classic 'Masala Cola' - a must-try drink.
The staff at Noodle Bar were exceptionally friendly and attentive throughout our meal, ensuring that everything was well taken care of. The restaurant's tasteful decor and soothing ambiance made it an ideal spot for a relaxed dining experience.

In conclusion, our visit to Noodle Bar was a delightful Pan-Asian culinary journey. While the starters, especially the Laksa Prawns Dim Sum and Double Cooked Chilli Lamb, left us impressed, it was the Jado Chicken with Thai Chilli Basil Rice that stole the show. Coupled with the friendly staff and the calming atmosphere within the bustling mall, Noodle Bar will be a preferred dining place for yet another unforgettable dining experience.

Noodle Bar
Level 2, Phoenix Market City

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

All about Burma Burma's new outlet in Bengaluru!

Burma Burma is one of my favorite restaurants in Bengaluru and their classic Burmese dishes have won everyone's heart. I recently visited their new outlet in Forum Rex Walk, Brigade Road with an expectation to try out some of my favorite dishes, but to my surprise, this new outlet just amazed me in every possible way. Starting from the enchanting ambiance with soothing color combinations, wall paintings, Burmese decor items, indoor plants, etc - every nook and corner of this restaurant is picture friendly.

When it comes to Burmese cuisine, it may look so simple, but every dish comes with a burst of flavors. This new outlet has so many new additions to their menu and the team behind Burma Burma has carefully curated those dishes after their recent trip to Myanmar. You will get to try some dishes with a modern twist as well as some which can give you nostalgic memories.

My fictitious culinary journey to Burma started with a bowl of 'Mohinga Noodle soup'. The veg version of their National dish was simply amazing.

Pey Pey's Guava Salad had an interesting take on the guava +chilli combination. The flavors are so unique and you will crave more, soon after the first bite.

Another interesting and favorite dish from the menu was Semolina and hemp-seed crusted 'Crunchy Shiitake fingers' served with a creamy cashew and smoked Bandel cheese dip.

Edamame and Broad bean hummus served with Balachaung stuffed peppers and naan (similar to pita bread) added a rich mouthfeel.

For the main course, I had the classic 'Khow Suey'  which is easily one of the best you get in the city. It comes with various accompaniments and this herb-infused coconut milk with noodles and vegetables is a complete meal by itself.

I love White tea with Burmese food and it was a visual treat for us when they brewed this special tea. They also have interesting drink options like Bubble tea and mocktails. I enjoyed their Wild Berry Bubble tea and to enjoy the tapioca pearls in Bubble tea, one has to use a slightly bigger straw. They surprised us by giving us straw made of rice (we call it Pasta straw).

For desserts, the Street style Burmese Falooda reminded me of the Thai dessert, 'Tub Tim Krob' and this one had balanced flavors. My favorite dessert, 'Pineapple Energee' with different versions of pineapple in one dessert, and the fav part which tasted like Pineapple upside down cake with a scoop of Pineapple ice cream and brown butter crumble was simply a heavenly affair. I am sure, I will try this again soon at Burma Burma.

Overall, I had a great experience at this new outlet and I can't wait to visit again for interesting Burmese dishes.
Burma Burma
Ground Floor
Forum Rex Walk, Brigade Road
For reservations, contact - +91 9920240092

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Friday, January 20, 2023

Roxie - Namma Bengaluru's new Craft House opened at Harlur/Sarjapur Road

Have you visited Roxie - namma Bengaluru's first craft house? Recently I visited this new place to check what is all the hype about. The moment I reached this place, I was dumbstruck by the ambiance - literally Italy in Bengaluru. The posh interiors and color theme selected is surely a visual treat. 

Since this is a brand new place, we went with Pravesh's (Co- Founder) suggestions and his suggestions were dope. I simply enjoyed the Umami flavors from some appetizers.

Some of the must-try dishes are -
Nutcracker Prawns

Korean Garlic bread

Avocado Chaat

Crispy Thai lotus

Spiced florets

Genovese star wood-fired pizza

For desserts, we tried the Pull me up Tiramisu. Except for the fact that cocoa powder dusting was a bit overpowering, the flavors were on point.

Their menu is extensive and this time we ordered appetizers and pizza. I tried a Gin based drink named Midnight Fantasy, which is a concoction of Gin, midnight blue pea cordial, and quinine bubbles. My friend ordered Camomillia (a Gin based drink with Chamomile, Basil, mint, and quinine) which was great too.

The staffs there are friendly and helpful, especially Maruf who took our order and gave some interesting dish suggestions.

You really have to keep a check on the timings once you enter this place, time will fly here. This place is perfect for a sun-downer or even just to chill with family or buddies. I can't wait to go there again to try their craft beers.

26, Harlur Main Road
Near HP Petrol Pump
Amblipura, Bengaluru
For reservations, contact - 080 47360000

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