Friday, February 9, 2018

'Tandoor to Plate' Kebab festival at Bar Bar, Bengaluru!

Bye bye to ordinary Kebabs and tikkas as we have a special ‘Kebab fest’ happening at Bar Bar, Phoenix Market City, Bengaluru. They have come up with 10 melt-in mouth Kebabs (5 veg and 5 non-veg). After a short medical break, when I am back in action this is the kind of food I was craving for and what a perfect way to enjoy these kebabs with some refreshing cocktails and a panoramic view from the mall. Bar Bar launched a year ago in Bengaluru and this place is already popular for its unique concept - the more you drink, less you pay.

Bar Bar’s rustic ambiance and funky posters are so attractive. The board at the bar counter with a message on it, ‘Trespassers will be shot’ will make me laugh every time see it. Even the long bar counter is where you would love to spend time with your pals in the evening. This time I went for lunch and we sat in the outdoor area. The weather was so pleasant and breezy and it called for some melt-in mouth kebabs straight from the tandoor.


I must say they believe in quality than filling their menu with infinite options for this special festival menu. The Kebabs were served with two types of chutneys (Garlic and Green Chutney) along with spiced onions and roasted pappads. Out of ten kebabs, my favorites were the following –

Dohra Kebab – Inspired by the royal kitchens of Rampur, they made this kebab by combining mutton and chicken mince along with fragrant spices and grilled to perfection.

Awadhi Gosht ki Seekh – From the land of Nawabs, Lucknowi special Awadhi Gosht ki Seekh was so delicious one. Soft mutton kheema wrapped around a metal skewer and grilled to perfection leaving it juicy and tender.

Zameeni Hayyat – The best vegetarian Kebab I had in recent time, made of mashed beetroot and spices. Gone are those days, I used say ewww.. beetroot for lunch. I can handle all kinds of vegetables nowadays :P

Paneer Baluchi Tikka – Another vegetarian favorite, made of fresh and soft Paneer chunks marinated in spices, cashew- caramelized onion paste and hung curd. The combination is so heavenly for a simple Paneer Tikka :)

Jhinga Mehrunissa – If there is a competition for eating Prawns, I will win it for sure. I love Prawns and just like the name sounds so interesting (Mehrunissa), this kebab had oozing flavors of saffron, mace and green chilli on perfectly cooked Prawns.

Kashmiri Rajma Galavati – Rajma in Kebab form, I could never believe it, till I tasted the same. With the firm texture outside and soft and mushy inside, this kebab (just like Galouti Kebab) was totally different from the kebabs I have tasted till now. I liked it.

Another fav, Chicken Seekh :)

If you are a fish lover, then go for this Mahi fish tikka :)

To enjoy the Kebabs to the fullest, they suggest the signature drinks with it. So we paired a few drinks as well. The cocktail I ordered was the Kaffir Cosmo and it lacked the flavors of Kaffir lime. The savior was a good percentage of vodka in it. At the end of the meal, I tried my all time favorite mocktail, 'Spiced Guava'.

The service was quick, friendly and helpful. It was great catching up my friends after a long time. We had a great chit chat time with great food on our table.

Chatter box gang :P

Overall this kebab fest is totally worth a try and best is to plan a shopping or movie at Phoenix and enjoy a meal at Bar Bar. This menu is 'a la carte' and a meal for two would be ₹1500/- (approximately).
Bar Bar
Level 2, Phoenix Market City
Mahadevapura, Whitefield
For table bookings, contact - 080 45128782

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