Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Are you looking for some unwinding time? Check out Lady Baga, Bengaluru for that Goan vibes!

Last year I made my maiden trip to Goa. Sounds crazy right..? But I believe there is always a first time for anything you would enjoy. Now I don’t have to worry about flight tickets, room booking and places to eat in Goa because a mini version of Goa is here in ‘luru. No brownie points for guessing this place. It’s Lady Baga located at Lavelle road (above Sodabottleopenerwala), launched a few months ago. After hearing so much about their Goan food, shack themed atmosphere, and overall Goan-Hippie feel about this place, a visit was a must. Finally, I visited this place a few days ago after hearing from foodie friends about their new menu and signature cocktails.

The moment I entered level 2, I felt like I entered a Goan shack. There was sand, sea waves on the big screen, loungers, shower and what not. Even the stewards were dressed according to the Goan theme. Oh, dear Goa! I won’t miss you anymore; I told myself the moment I received the signature cocktail – ‘We like big coconuts and we cannot lie’. He.. he.. I just mentioned the name of the cocktail which was an interesting mix of Vodka, tender coconut, litchi, cherry, lime, and mint.

My friends ordered a Chorizo dish and Sungta Maria. I liked Sungta Maria which had prawns cooked in Goan flavors and served on a toast. Short bites are the best but not at lunchtime. So I ordered a Kara Chilli fry which was nothing but Goan style Chilli Beef. I simply loved it!

Goan style Pomfret fry was another favorite on the table. I would have preferred it bit spicier. My bad, that I didn’t inform the spice level while placing the order.

Konkan community plays an important part in the Goan culture and Konkan Thalis are something you shouldn’t miss if you are a seafood lover. I wanted to try their Thali, but it was not available on Friday, so the helpful staff suggested me to try the ‘Chef Aloo’s Prawn Curry’ meal which I think was the best suggestion. The combo had Goan Prawn curry, fried anchovies, tendli (Ivy gourd) pickle, Kismur (sun-dried salted prawn crumbs) and unpolished red rice – a match made in heaven :)

While typing this review, my mouth is filled with water thinking about the super delicious Prawns Pulao I had at Lady Baga. With the right balance of flavors from the spices used, it was more like a Prawns Biryani than Pulao.  They served this Pulao with raita. A must try dish when you are in Lady Baga.

Goan special Poee with Pork Vindaloo was a great combo. Poee was bit on the harder side and the Vindaloo was a savior.

After the seafood therapy, dessert was the main highlight of our meal. Rasta Chocolate cup made of dark chocolate mousse, rum and coffee was yum. There was no aftertaste of rum, so this dessert was perfect for the lunch.

Another favorite was the Vanilla and Saffron Panna Cotta. It passed our ‘jiggle test’ and tasted amazing. Saffron and Vanilla pod combo is tricky and if anything overpowers another one, then the entire taste will get spoiled. Both the desserts were brilliantly done and I loved it.

I tried their Goan special beer – King’s Premium Pilsner. No doubt that this beer is good but I guess it’s not worth the hype I heard all these time.

I had a relaxing time at Lady Baga and this is what I was looking for since some time. A meal for two would be ₹ 1200/- (approximately). This time my lunch was in a hurry, so missed checking the menu properly. I am sure I would definitely visit again soon to try some more favorites which I couldn’t try this time.
Lady Baga
#25/4, Level 1 & 2
Above Sodabottleopenerwala
Lavelle Road
For reservations, contact - +91 9108934177

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