Monday, February 5, 2018

Sundowner dinner at Chavadi, Bengaluru!

One more restaurant is off from my list of must-visit restaurants in Bengaluru. Now, this restaurant is added to my favorite café/restaurants list. Okay… no more suspense; I’m referring to Chavadi at Bannerghatta road. All these time I been seeing posts and reviews from my friends, and always kept this as a last option when I plan on dining out. The reason is very silly – traveling to this part of town to Bannerghatta side is a pain. After so much planning and discussion, one fine weekend some of us decided to go there. That weekend Namma ooru was in festive spirit and so were we.

The word ‘Chavadi’ is there in many Indian languages. Chavadi in Malayalam means a specially made seating area in front of the house. I am bad in finding any location, so took the help of GPS in Ola and reached this place without any difficulty. From outside one can’t even imagine how good this place will be. The moment we stepped in, we breathed fresh air and the place was filled with positive vibes. Their eco-friendly rooftop set-up is something which pleases a nature lover like me. A good amount of wooden, brick and poor man’s timber – bamboo designs adds a rustic look to their interiors. They have planted a lot of herbs and medicinal plants which goes in for their wonderful dish preparations.

I started with a glass of Sulaimani tea made of lemongrass grown in their terrace garden. Sulaimani tea here at Chavadi was very refreshing. We spent a good amount of time there, the idea was to enjoy the sunset and the view was magnificent while enjoying some great cocktails. Jalapeno Margarita was so unique and enjoyable blend.

The vignettes of sunset added a special charm to our table while we enjoyed the special veg and non-veg starter platters. Crumb fried Mushrooms, Cheese Poppers, Chicken tikka, Tempura Prawns, Galouti Kebab served on mini Parathas were some of my favorites from the starter menu.

By the time we ordered dinner, we were so full and I couldn’t resist the smell of freshly made Appams. So I had a plate of piping hot appams with egg roast and Prawns curry. Both curries went well with melt-in-mouth appams. In Bangalore, it’s hard to find home-style tasty appams. I’m happy that I found a good place for the same :P

For desserts, I tried their Matka Kulfi and Tiramisu. Both the desserts were so-so. But after having a hearty meal I didn’t care much about my sweet tooth.

Overall my experience was extremely pleasant. This is the place where you can have a relaxed dining experience with your loved ones. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family members. A meal for two would be ₹ 1200/- (approximately).
#4, Arama Suites
Sarvabhouma Nagar
Off Bannerghatta Road
For reservations, contact - 080 - 49653031

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