Sunday, February 25, 2018

Plan a day by doing Yoga/ any workout followed by a healthy and hearty meal at Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe, Koramangala

Have you ever felt like going to a Cafe and spend some relaxed time on one of those off days? I have and in Bangalore, there are enough cafes which are good for spending time; either for work or fun time with your pals. Health Studio trend is catching up fast and benefits include you can work out, practice yoga, read books, work or just have some healthy grub and you will be sorted for the entire day. Last year, when I visited Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe in Jayanagar, it was totally a new experience for me which I enjoyed to the core. They are now open in Koramangala as well. Perhaps I liked the studio space in Koramangala than Jayanagar outlet. Inside the studio is having a peaceful atmosphere.

Enerjuvate Cafe is run by two amazing ladies - Darshana and Sunayna. Their belief is to serve art on a plate, which begins with appealing your eyes and a sense of aroma ending up in melting your mouth that you and your body both enjoy and relish.

Recently, a group of us had a dynamic yoga session followed by a healthy lunch at Enerjuvate. Yoga session was performed under the guidance of ‘Blogger and Yoga expert’ - Carolyn Theresa. Carolyn was really helpful throughout the session. She carefully guided each one of us.

After the yoga session, it was time to indulge in some good food. This time whatever I tried was totally different from my previous experience. Darshana and Sunayna are masterchefs when it comes to healthy food. We tried so many dishes from the menu as part of our tasting and they served us small portions to get the most benefit of each dish.

The following were my favorites:


Almond milk thandai

Lemongrass basil lime water
Carrot ginger ale


I liked the Burmese Khao Suey than Tibetan Thupka. Tibetan Thupka had starch from the in-house prepared noodles and made it thicker and grainy. Khao Suey was good with all the right ingredients and flavors.

Salads and starters

We tried six different dishes from the menu and I liked the Cucumber boats, Thai DIY Paan ( Miang Kham), Momos platter and beetroot orange walnut medley. The Thai DIY Paan was fun making. With a generous amount of fried peanuts, coconut slices, lemon wedges, ginger, fried coconut, red chillies, onions, and Tamarind – Jaggery chutney to wrap in a lettuce leaf to form a one bite wrap.  If you visit Enerjuvate Studio, then don’t forget to try their Potato Wedges platter with Grilled Potato, sweet Potato served with Beetroot Hummus and a salsa dip.


They have a variety of pizzas at this Cafe. Last time they amazed me with their Pizza made of vegan sauce which is not so common in Bangalore restaurants or cafes’. This time it was pizza made of Amaranth crust. They don’t use all purpose flour or sugar in their recipes. Enerjuvate special pizza had roasted garlic, chunks of sundried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, crumbled feta and a fresh topping of rocket leaves. Sometimes veg food can also be interesting than non-veg food. I realize this every time I visit Enerjuvate.

Main course

From their hearty meals menu, I liked the Sizzling Enchiladas made of maize flour tortilla with beans and veggie filling. They served a spicy dip with this.


I am a dessert lover and always indulge in high calorie, unhealthy desserts. For a change, I had a platter full of healthy desserts which all of us uniquely said ‘Wow’ especially for the Chocolate Chia cup. Darshana’s secret recipe with gourmet products made it divine. Other desserts like Pineapple cranberry cake, Choco mint ganache tart, and Banana peanut crunch were also great in taste.

These two ladies are doing a tremendous job. From recipes to seeing that satisfying smile on their customers face, they make sure that their personal attention is reached everywhere. Overall this was a relaxing session for me and I should start practicing some of the Yogasanas to burn the calories I gain through food events. Enerjuvate Studio frequently conducts interesting events and workshops. Get updates on their events - click here
Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe
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KHB Block
Koramangala 4th Block
For reservations, contact -  080 48148585

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