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Relish the celebration of Songkran Food Fest (Thai New Year) at Sake,The Zuri, Whitefield

Sa-wat-dee pii mai (Happy New Year in Thai)

Pic courtesy: The Zuri
Sake, The Pan Asian fine dining lounge at The Zuri is celebrating the Songkran Food Festival from 15th April - 24th April. Songkran is the Thai New Year which is celebrated from 13th- 15th of April. The word Songkran from Sanskrit language means 'the passage of the Sun from one Zodiac sign to another (Pisces to Aries). Songkran falls in mid of April and the festival is celebrated in Thailand, Cambodia and many other Southeast Asian countries. It's also known as the 'festival of water' were people splashes water on each other and the belief is that by doing this, it will wash off all the misfortunes from the previous year and also to welcome New Year with a good start.

When I got an invite for the ongoing Songkran food festival at The Zuri, I was more excited about the Thai food they serve. This was my first time at The Zuri and I am sure I will go back there again soon. Thanks to my friend Arijit who invited me for this food fest. We had a great time at The Zuri. Some of the highlights of this place were the ambience; which is perfect for a five star hotel, quick service, courteous staffs, and more importantly they serve authentic Pan Asian food.

Pina Colada

We had a 5-course meal which consisted of soups, salads, appetizers, main course and desserts. I started off with a glass of 'Screwdriver' cocktail which was Vodka with Orange juice. While sipping the cocktail, they served us soups- Tom kha gai (a refreshing coconut milk soup with chicken) and Kaeng jued woonsen pag (clear soup with glass noodles and vegetables). Soups were really good and refreshing.

Next on the menu were the salads. Salads are always good for health and with an increasing 40+ degree celsius weather in Bangalore, we need more of this kind of food to cool down the body a bit.

Some of the salads we tried -
Yum Kai which was Thai chicken salad with fresh mint leaves.

Yum woonsen, a spicy salad with glass noodles and fresh vegetables

Pag phad bai gaparow which was stir fried crunchy vegetables with chilli and hot basil sauce.

Neva phad naam man hoi which was tasty thin sliced tenderloin in oyster sauce (not in the pic).

All the appetizers were so delectable and were a blend of sweet and spicy combination (mostly on a sweeter side). Chicken, lamb and spring rolls were my pick of the night.

Gai pad nam prik pao, a stir fried crispy chicken in roasted chilli paste)

Pe pad namprik pow (crispsy fried lamb tossed with roasted chilli paste)

Po pia thod pag (Thai vegetable spring rolls with glass noodles)

Hed yang (marinated grilled mushroom which was Chef's secret recipe)

Main course served were Kaeng khiao wan (Thai green curry with prawns and pea eggplant), Kaeng phet (chicken in Thai red curry with bamboo shoots), and Kaeang phanaeng (Thai style phanaeng curry with peanuts and cumin) served with steam rice. Coconut milk was the main ingredient in all the main course we had. I loved the freshness in the curry which was so tropical.

Dessert - Tam tim krob which was chilled and cubed watermelon with sweetened coconut milk- a perfect Thai dessert with flavors at its best.

While having dinner we had a quick chat with Chef from Sake and he was happy to hear the positive feedback from us. Another name worth mentioning is the young lady,Thangi who made some amazing cocktails. Manager Vineet Nair was the person who was in-charge for the evening and he made sure everything went well and we had a great time there. Songkrang fest is happening till 24th April, 2016 (dinner and only 'a la carte' menu available). Try this place for a delightful rooftop dinner experience with an awesome spread of Thai food.

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