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Chiu Chow Festival at The Lantern- The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

 The Lantern at The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore is a magnificent place that you would love to visit again and again. Last weekend I posted few pics in different online platforms along with a small write up about the experience I had at The Lantern. Recently they had a Chiu Chow Festival (18th April - 24th April) with a special menu were they served Teochew, Cantonese, Szechwan, and Hunan food. I was invited through my friend Arijit Choudary for a special tasting session. Located in one of the busy roads in Residency road, this five star restaurant is not difficult to find. The Ritz Carlton is a popular fine dining hotel in Bangalore and If you take top luxury hotels in the world, The Ritz Carlton will be one of the name you will see.
Once you enter 'The Lantern', the first thing you will notice will be the decor which will transport you to China. This place has its all, when it comes to style- decor, porcelain and pottery vessels, beautiful lanterns, glass walls and rustic wooden flooring with alfresco seating. They have given a different dimension to the fine-dining concept.

Incense cocktail
I was glad to attend the Chiu Chow fest. Chiu Chow is the cuisine originated from the Chaozhou region which comes in the east of Guangdong province, which includes the cities of Chaozhou, Shantou and Jieyang. Their cuisine has some influence from Cantonese as well as Fujian cuisines. The techniques and styles used are almost the same. Chiu Chow cuisine uses a lot of fresh sea food and vegetables in their dishes. Its always a great feeling to attend such food fest and to know more about different cuisines from across the world. Ritz Carlton Manager Nitin and the person who served us Krithi was so helpful in describing the dishes. They have a special Chef all the way from The Ritz, Shenzhen - Chef Luo Haiming whose in-house specialties are Sauted Turnip cake with Xo sauce, five spiced venison, Taiji vegetable soup, braised lamb with garlic shoot etc. Xo sauce is made of dry shrimps and it's a heavenly sauce.

Hot and Sour Szechwan soup (Chicken)

Pork and lotus root soup

Chef Jeremy
We started with hot cup of soups - Hot and Sour Szechwan soup (Chicken) and the festival special Pork and lotus root soup which was a slow cooked pork soup for almost 12 hours. I am not a pork lover, but when I heard about the efforts which goes in to the making soup, I thought of tasting it and I just absolutely loved it. While enjoying the soup, Chef Jeremy spent some time with us and explained us about the Chiu Chow delicacies. He made sure that, he sends best of the best dishes out from his kitchen. Next we had the appetizers which took us to a gastronomical extravaganza. Every single dish served was so damn delicious.

Crab meat, Prawn and Chicken Xiao long Bao

Lobster Money Pouch Caviar

Spring Onion Roll
Shanghai Dumpling

Shrimp Dumpling

Baked Barbeque Pork bun

Seafood, Chicken & Taro Spring Roll and Deep fried Prawn Wontons
After the sumptuous starters we didn't know there was more on our way- the main course.
Main course served were Steamed scallops with rice noodles and garlic, Spicy king prawns with beans, garlic, green peppers and bok choy, Sliced chicken in mahalak sauce, and then veg special - Lotus root, asparagus, snow peas and broccoli in Kim Yam sauce. All the main course were served with Burnt garlic rice (Egg) and their in-house made Hoffan noodles special dish, Fried rice noodles (Chicken).
Fried rice (Egg) with side dishes

Spicy King Prawns with beans, garlic, green peppers and bok choy

Sliced chicken in mahalak sauce

Lotus root, asparagus, snow peas and broccoli in Kim Yam sauce

Fried rice noodles (Chicken)

Steamed scallops with rice noodles and garlic

Xo sauce

Main course served
After the main course, we were so full but there is always room for desserts and especially when it's a special dessert, how can I say no? I had Mango pudding with Sago and Custard bao with Vanilla Anglaise. Mango pudding was very seasonal and it has got chunks of mango pieces and tiny pieces of grapefruit which added an extra tangy taste to this blissful dessert. Pudding was definitely a hit. Custard Bao was also good along with the yummilicious Vanilla Anglaise.

Mango pudding with Sago

Custard bao with Vanilla Anglaise
Drinks I had the best ones at 'The Lantern'- Incense, Samurai and The Lantern. Incense was more of a citrusy cocktail with strong taste of mandarin. I love Orange and vodka combination. Samurai was another version of Pina Colada cocktail which was also good. But the show stopper was their signature drink - 'The Lantern' which gave a hit to all my senses. Smell was so divine, so as the taste of this cocktail.
Signature cocktail- The Lantern
Overall it was an evening to remember lifelong with a top-notch hospitality and an awesome spread of food. My experience at 'The Lantern' at The Ritz Carlton was truly delightful that I will recommend this place to all my friends. They are going to have a 'Smile Asia Week' from May 2nd - 8th. More details coming soon on my blog.

The Lantern - The Ritz Carlton
99, Residency Road
For reservations, contact - 080 49148240/41
For more details, check out The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

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