Monday, April 18, 2016

Angriest Whopper- A limited edition fiery delicious burger from Burger King

Pic courtesy: Burger King
Burger King, the world’s second largest hamburger chain has recently launched a new limited edition burger called Angriest Whopper after a huge success in US. Burger King is a well known brand across the world for juicy and extraordinary burgers. In India, they launched last year and continue making their customers happy with lip-smacking burgers across 50 outlets in 8 different cities.
Indiranagar Outlet

Angriest Mutton Whopper
Yesterday couple of us went to Indiranagar outlet after hearing a lot of good reviews about this new burger. As the name says, Angriest Whopper is very spicy one. What makes it spicy is not the patty; patty remains the same and it’s sandwiched between the hot red colored spicy buns. They have not used any artificial food coloring for the buns; it’s just a mix of spices and beetroot juice which gives the patty an attractive look. Other ingredients like jalapeno, crispy onion petals, Habanero sauce, spicy mayonnaise and chipotle sauce makes the burger hotter, but it will not make you sweat because of the selective hot chillies they have used in it. Iceburg lettuce,slices of cheese and tomatoes makes it tastier.

Angriest Veg Whopper

Chicken Nuggets

Angriest Chicken Whopper

My foodie friend

Chicken fries

Mango Shake

As we all know, a good number of Indians can take extreme level of spice in their food, so this burger may not be spicy enough for them. But you can always customize your burger with more hot sauces in it. They have given a perfect name for this burger which is inspired from the experience of a Volcano explorer in Mexico. Along with burgers we also tried regular hot selling stuffs like Chicken fries, Chicken nuggets and a glass of thick Mango shake which is my favorite and absolutely required for this climate. Angriest Whopper burgers are priced as follows- ₹159 for Veg, ₹169 for Chicken, and ₹219 for Mutton. As this is a limited edition burger, it will be available only till 30th May, 2016. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your 'Angriest Whopper' and let the world know how you handled the spice level :P

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