Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Kochi Bloggers Meet by Farmmade Eggs at French Toast, Kacheripady

Last January, I got an opportunity to attend Bloggers meet at Kochi organised by Farmmade eggs. This event happened at one of the coolest Cafes in Kochi - French Toast, Kacheripady.

The customized menu created by the French Toast team had all amazing dishes made of Farmmade eggs. So what makes this brand or free range eggs different from other organic egg brands ? Let's check it out - 

Free Range eggs are produced by hens which are roaming freely without being confined to cages. They are in their natural environment, have the comfort of nesting boxes to lay eggs. Unlimited access to quality water, also have access to spacious barn to rest.

Free range hens have a nutritious foraged diet of bugs, insects & grass besides hence they are super rich in Omega3 at Farm Made Foods, they are also feed with pure corn, maize, rice, oil cakes & sea shell for calcium from their own inhouse feedmill.

Why Free Range Eggs are expensive?
 Free Range hens give only 50% output of eggs compared to Battery caged hens since the focus is not laying egg alone in free range farms only 1,200 hens can be acccomodidated per acre of land, while in battery caged close to 70K hens can be kept in a similar space. Free range hens consume more feed since they burn out more energy being highly active while a caged hen just doesn't move. Free range farms have other costs like irrigation of land for hens to forage.

Farm Made free range eggs are very nutritious with high Omega3 content, and contains no antibiotics. Humane way of treating these hens gives us nutritious & tasty eggs with the happiness that hens are also equally comfortable.

Some of the dishes we tried at the event - 
- Devilled Eggs

 Hard boiled eggs filled with egg yolk mousse of mayonnaise, Ishika farm capers, red peppers and a hint of mustard  

- Hard Boiled Egg in Puff Pastry

 Hard boiled egg with rosemary flavoured caramelized onion and celery in butter puff pastry. 

- Scotch Eggs

Soft boiled egg wrapped with minced chicken and sausage meat, deep fried and served with a side of house special barbeque sweet chilly sauce. 

- Hard Boiled Egg Salad

 Hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, spring onion, green and black olives dressed with extra virgin olive oil and mustard seed paste. 

- Floating Islands

 Poached meringue in orange zest flavoured crème anglaise.

- Pavlova

 Meringue shells topped with whipped cream, passion fruit curd, fresh strawberries & pomegranate

I met some of the popular bloggers from Kerala and we all had a great experience at this event organized by Farmmade eggs. Kochi is my hometown and in 6 years of blogging, this was the first time I got an opportunity to attend an event at my place. After attending this event; seeing my Instagram stories many friends told me that French Toast Kochi is their fav Cafe. If you get a chance do visit this Cafe and the owner Ayaz Salim is very passionate about his job.

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