Thursday, April 11, 2019

Check out this new Pan Asian restaurant - Taiki at Indiranagar, 100 Ft Road, Bangalore!

In one of my previous reviews, I mentioned how much I love Pan Asian cuisine. There are enough good options for this beautiful cuisine in Bangalore and when some new place opens up in Indiranagar, which is worth-a-try then my happiness will double. Recently I visited Taiki, a minuscule restaurant at 100ft Road, Indiranagar which is barely a few months old. Their USP is Japanese and Korean food and I had a great time at this new place. ‘Tai’ means great and ‘Ki’ means the atmosphere in the Japanese language. 

According to me, their appetizers, especially the gyoza, inside-out sushi and pot teas were supertastic. Even though the restaurant space is small, they’ve set up the two floors nicely and you will not get bored at this charming place. Taiki is a perfect place for a quick lunch and they even got amazing Bento lunch which is perfect for working professionals.

The best thing about Pan Asian food is that even if you eat too much you still wouldn’t feel so stuffed. Their menu is so elaborate and you can choose a variety of Japanese and Korean dishes and drinks from the menu.

What I liked most –

From the flavored Tea menu – Orange & Mango Tea made of Formosa Oolong, milk oolong, Orange peel, mango, and Pineapple – very tropical, aromatic and refreshing drink.

Berry Tea – A mix of berries (Cranberry, strawberry and red currants) with black tea was also perfect for my liking.


Dakgangjeong – Sweet and mildly spiced thin sliced crispy chicken toasted with Dry chili, honey, and sesame seeds.

Buldak – A Korean Fire Chicken made of Korean chili powder, Gochujang, soy and topped with cheese.

Litchi Wontons – This was something very unique and tasty. One has to eat this dish soon after serving or else the flat Wontons may get soggy and spoil the entire feel of it.

Hand model :Swati Mishra

Chicken, coriander and sesame oil Gyoza  - These delicious Japanese potstickers served with dipping sauce was so good.

Classic Nigiri set – The assorted Sushi set had Tuna, Crab, Salmon, Shrimp, Asparagus, and Spinach. The flavors were good but personally, I felt they should work a bit more on the Sushi shape. Also, the pickled ginger (Gari) and Wasabi portion could’ve been more.

Tempura Roll Sushi – The inside –out Prawn Tempura with bell peppers, and cucumber with the crunch of crispy fried onions was my favorite. They served this in Uramaki style were the vinegared rice rolls were wrapped with Nori (seaweed sheet) inside and coated with sesame seeds.

Main course


Khao Pad Krapao – Thai Chilli and basil flavored minced Tofu/Chicken served on a bed of Jasmine rice. Though the Tofu version was not that great as it had big chunks of silken tofu instead of minced tofu, and jasmine rice also lacked the flavors. I felt the Chicken version was better and flavorful.

Hand Model: Swati Mishra


Bingsu – Popularly known as ‘Korean Snowflake dessert made of milk shavings served with flavored toppings. This dessert was something which was very new to my palate. We can select different flavors available and I loved the Mango and litchi combination. My friends tried Oreo and Cappuccino flavors.

The staffs at Taiki were very polite and helpful. I love the hues of blue color they have used in each and every corner of this cute little place and also the grass wall brings so much more positivity to the atmosphere. With friends and good conversations, my lunch was kinda relaxed. I will surely visit Taiki again. A meal for two at this casual dining place would be ₹1200/- (approximately).
#656, 100 Ft Road
For more information and table bookings, contact - 080 4370 3820

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