Saturday, November 24, 2018

Say Cheese at Cafe Felix, Bengaluru - A special menu for Cheese lovers!


The weather in Bengaluru is perfect for indulging in some hot or cheese filled food. If you’re a Cheese lover like me, then head to Café Felix for their ongoing ‘Say Cheese’ menu. The carefully chosen menu, the variety of cheeses used in every dish and Chef Ritwik’s passion for cooking great food makes this Café a perfect place to dine with your loved ones. From soups to small –plates, flatbreads to Burgers and pasta, and mouth-watering desserts, one can order a wide range of dishes from the crave-worthy cheese menu. The ongoing ‘Say Cheese’ is on till 16th December, 2018 :)

I was invited for a special preview of Say Cheese menu and this wasn’t my first time at Café Felix. I love this vibrant Café which is located at Level 5 at 1MG Mall, right in the heart of the city. As I love the non-vegetarian ingredients in my soup, I ordered a ‘Smoked 3 Cheese and meatball soup’ which was a perfect start to the dinner. Nice and mild smoky flavors from the soup made me polish off even the last drop from the soup bowl. The croutons, caramelized onions and tiny bits of bacon made me crave for more.

I tasted the veg version of soup from my friend’s bowl which had ‘Cauliflower, pine nuts and Cheddar’ served with a delicious herbed cheese toast. I loved the Cheese toast more than the soup.
From the ‘small plates’ menu, we tried this amazing ‘Crispy Potatoes’ topped with cheesy bravas sauce and olive coriander salsa. Oh my gosh… it was simply amazing.

The oozing beauty - ‘Smoked Cheese croquette benedict’, and ‘Crab cakes with tartar, warm potato, and French beans salad’ were superbly done. I really love the way they use various microgreens in every dish. Though the dishes looked so drool-worthy, the small topping of microgreens enhanced the beauty of plating.

The ‘Crispy Carbonara flatbread with sage crisps, onion rings, and bacon’ was really really good. Chef has used the best ingredients and it surely made our dinner so special. I loved the ‘Quattro formaggi’ which had four types of cheeses – Italian Mozzarella, Gruyére, American cream cheese, and English Cheddar.

From the Entrée menu we tried the ‘3 Cheese Risotto with toasted sunflower seeds’ and ‘Mixed meat Risotto with Chorizo, bacon, sausage, slow-cooked pork, caramelized onions, confit garlic, and green peas’ received a mix opinion from our table. I couldn’t get most of the individual flavors from the mixed meat Risotto as the main ingredient was Barley instead of Arborio rice. The veg risotto tasted good and non-veg version was a tad too dry for my liking.

The very first bite of this ‘Homemade Tortellini pasta with cheesy chicken Gruyére’ and the ‘Caramelized onion and cheese burst Fagottini Pasta with parmesan foam’ surely made us sound like Nigella Lawson or Maeve O’Meara. These two pasta dishes were so brilliantly done. I really liked the parmesan crisps and foam from the Fagottini pasta. With the blend of colors and flavors, Chef Ritwik created an art in the plate.

The perfect Belly Nirvana is achieved when you find the perfect dessert. For us it was the classic Italian dessert, ‘Tiramisu’ (which was light as air), ‘Blueberry Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting’ and ‘Trio of Cheese Wafers’. The cream cheese was one of the main and common ingredients in all three desserts.

During the course of meal, I just had a hot cup of jasmine tea, as the cheese filled meal was quite heavy. To our surprise, Chef gave us samplers of Cheese tea which is available in four flavors – Earl Grey with Candied Ginger, Jasmine, Chamomile, and Green apple – Cinnamon. I love the Earl Grey with candied ginger cheese tea.

I absolutely loved this cheese special menu and would surely go back for some of my favorite dishes. When it comes to Cheese, Chef definitely knows what, when, where and how to club those imported gourmet ingredients with local produce. Café Felix will have ‘Say Cheese’ menu till Dec 16th, 2018 and meal for two would be ₹1500/- (approximately).

Cafe Felix
Level 5, 1MG Mall
Trinity Circle, MG Road
For reservations, contact - 080 22086644

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