Friday, May 18, 2018

Have you visited Burma Burma at Indiranagar 12th Main?

If you are looking for a unique culinary experience, then head to Burma Burma; a new vegetarian Burmese restaurant located in 12th Main Indiranagar. This restaurant is so unique in many aspects. Right from the vibrant d├ęcor colors to heavy lamps, exclusive Burmese artifacts, and cutleries, every nook and corner of this restaurant is appealing. The restaurant staff welcomes their guests with Betel leaf and water. I just loved the colorful interior which gives positive vibes. So if you are not in a good mood, just visit Burma Burma and have their Khow Suey.

They presented a gold dusted plate which had traditional Burmese doll design on it. They served us a Lemongrass cooler as welcome drink followed by an Amuse Bouche which was crispy ‘Khow Suey’; this was a perfect start to the evening.

I love samosa but never imagined Samosa in a soup. This lovely Burmese special Samuza Hincho (Soup) was made of Samosa served in tangy soup with spring onions and spicy black chickpeas.

Next on the menu was ‘Thoke’ (Salads) which I was eagerly waiting for. We had the Mandalay Laphet Thoke (the traditional Tea leaf Salad) and Tayat Ti Thoke (Raw Mango Salad). Both were brilliantly done and created a burst of flavor in mouth. The crunchiness, distinguish flavors, and ingredients used in the salads made our experience an extraordinary one.

Another interesting dish from the menu was ‘Pyan Boo Palata’ (Creamed Corn Paratha) – This dish was more on the sweeter side but I liked the combo of Creamy corn and flaky Paratha made of wheat.

Crunchy Tofu steamed Bun had mixed reviews in our table, some liked it and some didn’t. I liked the Tofu patty on the soft bun sliders. You don’t really need any dip with this as they use Mayo topping on the patty. You can spice it up with the red chili sauce available on the table.

For the main course, I had Burma Burma special ‘Khow Suey’, ‘Brown Onion, and roasted Chilli grilled sticky rice’ and ‘Stir-fried vegetables in Burmese style’. Out of all three main course dishes, my favorite was the Khow Suey. The dense flavor of coconut milk and lemongrass was a killer combo. To make the experience even better, I just added toppings like fried onions, chili flakes, fried garlic, lemon etc. Brown onion and Roasted Chilli grilled sticky rice reminded me our famous Kerala dish – Pollichathu, in which we grill masala coated fish/meat wrapped in a plantain leaf. The veg variant Burmese dish too tasted good.

Before even eating the dessert, I saw some smoky effects all around our table. After some time the much awaited Smokey Avocado Honey Caviar Ice cream and Tagu Pyian (Coconut custard served with Sago cooked in palm jaggery). The ice cream was served on a conical glass and the smoke effect due to molecular technique created a visual treat. The honey caviar simply enhanced the flavors. Tagu Pyian was just so-so. I would prefer tapioca pearls in my bubble tea.

We ended our meal with a glass of Shangri-La green tea (Peach and passion fruit flavor), a must-try at this restaurant.

If given a chance I always avoid veg food and before visiting this restaurant I was wondering how my experience will be at this vegetarian restaurant which serves only modern Burmese food.  But perceptions can be wrong at times :P Overall I had a fantastic experience at Burma Burma and already referred half a dozen guys to this place. I would definitely go back again.
Burma Burma
#607, Ground Floor
12th Main, Indiranagar
For reservations, contact - 080 43008120

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