Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A weekend seafood fiesta at Sea Rock, Bengaluru!

Houston, we have a problem here! Just like sweet tooth, I always have craving for fresh Seafood. With few terms and conditions, my love for seafood is never-ending. My conditions include the freshness of Seafood. Bangalore is not well connected to any coastal area; still, most of the restaurants stock up fresh seafood; just like it is the fresh catch of the day. I have been seeing posts from my foodie friends about a Seafood restaurant named ‘Sea Rock’ for quite some time and one weekend we finally made a plan to visit this place. My hubby and my seafood lover friend Nita were the happiest souls as they are not choosy like me when it comes to Seafood restaurants. For East Bengalurean like me, Sea Rock restaurant located in Sheshadripuram is quite a pain to reach, but my mantra is ‘anything for Seafood’- Saath Samundhar bhi par karke :P

We visited on a Sunday noon and place was so packed with the family crowd. As we had a prior booking we didn’t have to stand in the long queue. If I see people waiting outside any restaurant, I will be very happy to dine in such restaurants.

We started with Seer Fish Masala Fry, Prawns Koliwada, and Pomfret Tawa Fry. Though the Seer Fish Masala Fry was not visually appealing, it tasted amazing. All three of us liked the unique coastal flavors. Prawns Koliwada was brilliantly done. This will go well with a mug of beer in this hot weather. I liked this appetizer so much that I can’t wait to recreate this at home soon. Pomfret Tawa fry too had well-balanced flavors.

On a sunny afternoon, with the company of good food, I could only think about Beer or Kokum Kadi. I preferred the latter one. Kokum Kadi (Sol Kadi) - a seasoned, spicy digestive drink made of Kokum, Coconut milk, spices, and herbs.

After the wonderful set of appetizers, it was time for the main course. We ordered Crab Ghee Roast, Prawns Sukka, Chicken Ghee Roast and steamed Rice with Fish Curry gravy. The main course was unbelievably awesome, especially the Crab and Prawns. The main highlight was the size and filling portion of Crab dish.

When it comes to Mangalorean Cuisine, the quintessential must-try dishes for me will be the Sukkas, Ghee roast, Kori Rotti and Neer Dosa. I skipped Kori Rotti this time. I enjoyed the ‘heavy belting’ with a portion of steamed rice and fish curry gravy. For this simple soul food, there is no need for any accompaniments like pickle, papad or stir-fried dishes.

Tip for the ultimate happiness - Use your fingers and take a piece of Neer Dosa, have it with hot Sukka (Prawns/Squid/Chicken). Just clean swipe the entire dish for that heavenly feeling.

Ragi Manni was not great as expected. It was made like a pudding/Panna cotta and lacked the original flavors. The only interesting part about this dessert this cold pudding helped us to beat the scorching heat.

The service was really slow and considering the fact that we went on a busy Sunday afternoon, we kinda ignored that part. The food was a savior for us and would love to go back again for exploring more dishes from their menu.
Sea Rock
#6/4, 1st Floor
Shivananda Complex
Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru
For table reservations, contact - 080 41523344

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