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Check out BORA's first experience center in India at Koramangala!

Recently BORA launched its first experience center in India where Bangalore’s renowned Chef Abhijit Saha demonstrated couple of interesting recipes using BORA Cooktop. So what’s special about this German luxury kitchen design?

The new BORA Professional boasts an electric cooktop extractor, intelligent operator guidance and is a true modular high-end system consisting of six components.

Innovation and development are part of the BORA company philosophy. BORA Professional, which was the company's first product and laid the foundations for the BORA principle in 2007, has now been perfected in terms of innovation, functionality, simplicity and the highest level of performance. The result is a genuinely self-contained system - a machine consisting of a cooktop, extractor, motor, duct (BORA Ecotube), filter and wall sleeve (BORA 3box). In this system, the cooktop and cooktop extractor communicate with each other.

BORA Professional: Latest generation extractor knob with intelligent operator guidance and electrical hood system cover flaps in the typical BORA design.

A fundamental innovation is the change from what was previously a mechanical system to the
electrical BORA system. When a cooking zone is switched on, the cover flaps open automatically and virtually silently. At the end of the cooking process, it closes again so it is completely flush and with no visible joint gap. Beneath the filter in the cooktop extractor is a drip pan for fats.

The knobs with the user interface on the front of the cooking surface form the heart of the system and enable smart operator guidance: For the first time, the operating elements incorporate the system’s intelligence, making BORA Professional the most innovative development to date. The temperature is displayed on the knob where it can be adjusted with a combined touch and rotation movement. More functions and programmes, including the cooktop extractor controls, are also executed from here. The cooking surface available and the cooking zone can be utilized to the full. This makes the BORA Professional cooking surfaces and cooking zones one of the largest available on the market. The new product enables really easy cleaning thanks to its wider extractor opening and easily removable elements.

BORA Professional is now available in two versions: still as a flexible system that offers customers optimum kitchen design freedom. Everything can be individually combined.
The product innovation is a genuine world first because BORA Professional is now also available as a plug & play version. In this set-up, the motor and cooktop extractor form one unit. The pre-configured system provides maximum simplicity and installation positions. The recirculation version is also available as free-floating countertops with an installation height of 199 mm.

A world first: BORA Professional in the free-floating countertop

The discreet design of the new BORA Professional was based on perfect user functionality: easy lifting of the extractor, feel and function of the control knob, simple user interface. Uncompromising quality is guaranteed: everything that looks like stainless steel is also stainless steel.
The new design maintains all the original BORA advantages: Cooking in fresh air with clear view, effectiveness, best materials, design freedom and even easier to clean. In the new Professional version, BORA remains focused on systems that extract downwards and captivate with their simplicity.

BORA Ecotube and BORA 3box: innovative components for a complete system

A new and unique duct system with optimally aligned wall sleeve brings BORA Professional to the point of perfection. The system now available with BORA Ecotube and BORA 3box meets the high requirements in terms of effectiveness, ease of installation and flexibility and represents a streamlined, integrated solution.

New BORA Tepan cooktop

The new BORA Professional can be combined with a new cooktop, which aesthetically integrate
through clear visual lines with the design typical of BORA.

The new full-surface BORA Tepan stainless steel grill is operated with micanite-surface heating
elements, the control electronics are integrated in the cooktop. Operation is also performed by means of the user interface for the knob. The 4 mm deep-drawn and brushed stainless steel surface with rounded inner corners guarantees simple cleaning. The temperature distribution is consistent and quick heating to 250°C in less than five minutes is possible.

BORA Tepan stainless steel grill

The New BORA Professional at a glance:
  • A genuinely self-contained system with cooktop, extractor, motor, duct, filter and wall sleeve. 
  • The cooktop and cooktop extractor communicate with each other 
  • Electrical cover flap 
  • Intelligent and intuitive handling through touch-sensitive control knobs in the surface front 
  • Really easy cleaning thanks to wider extractor opening and easily removable elements 
  • Flow-optimised 
  • One of the largest cooktops on the market (extra-depth dimensions of 54 cm) 
  • One of the largest cooking zones on the market 
  • First of its kind in the world: used as a compact system for the free-floating countertop with the BORA Professional air circulation system 
  • Innovative design
Impressive innovative strength: coveted awards in the first year
Launched in 2017, BORA Professional received four coveted awards in the first few months: the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2017 was followed by the Plus X Award ‘Best Product of the Year 2017’ for innovation, the internationally renowned Good Design Award 2017 and the German Design Award 2018 from the German Design Council.

About the company:

Since 2007, BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH, headquartered in Raubling, Upper Bavaria, has successfully developed and sold cooktop extractor systems that draw vapours downwards thanks to the use of patented technology. The innovative BORA Basic, BORA Classic and BORA Professional product ranges are sold in 58 countries worldwide.

BORA Founder Willi Bruckbauer has a vision: the end of the extractor hood. The patent he developed has multiple advantages: the premium-quality systems are more effective than conventional hoods, extremely quiet, energy efficient and easy to clean. They enable maximum design freedom for kitchens and a clear view.
The company received its first award within the scope of the innovation contest “365 Orte im Land der Ideen” (365 Places in the Land of Ideas) back in 2009, followed by the German Entrepreneurs’ Award, red dot awards, Plus X Awards, German Design Awards, Iconic Award, German Brand Award, Good Design Award and others.

For further information, please visit or visit their new studio at Sony World Signal, Koramangala.

BORA Experience Center
#609, 3rd Floor, Srinivagilu Main Road
Koramangala 4th Block
Opp Reliance Jewellers
Bangalore - 560095
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