Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sushi unrolled at The Fatty Bao this Summer!

Spring is the time for Sakura Matsuri or Cherry Blossom festival in Japan and I really wish to visit Japan once to enjoy this beauty. You will be wondering why I am mentioning about Cherry Blossom festival here. Japan is also famous for its gastronomic art in the form Sushi. Sushi is made of sticky rice, vinegar, fillings or toppings like vegetables, raw or cooked fish, and meat which often made using wrapped seaweed (Nori).  It’s time to say ‘Kanpai’ (Cheers in Japanese) as The Fatty Bao – the Asian Gastrobar is having a ‘Sushi Unrolled’ menu from March 22nd – April 8th, 2018. They have come up with 14 different Sushis, beyond our imagination and expectations; all inspired by the popular food from across the world. I was invited for a preview of this fest and savored some of the most amazing Sushis till date.

The Fatty Bao’s Executive Chef Prashanth has carefully curated this menu which consists of Cross Bred Tuna Pizza Sushi, Smoked Mackerel Sandwich Sushi, The Liberal Tobimayo Pita Pocket Sushi, Cheesy Beef Roll Sushi, Spicy Tempura Fried Prawn Roll Sushi, Rainbow Spin Sandwich Sushi, Cross Bred Salmon Taco to name few. From toppings to flavors and shapes and sizes, I was totally flabbergasted with this new Sushi experience along with some Edamame.

Traditionally Sushi is eaten with pickled ginger (Gari), Soya sauce and Wasabi. Though The Fatty Bao served all the accompaniments, one really doesn’t require all those as the Sushi itself is a burst of flavors. The Liberal Tobimayo Pita Pocket Sushi was a hit among all of us which was made of Crab meat, Tobiko mayo, chives, bonito flakes, shallots, avocado, crispy Gari and prawn crackers.

Another favorite was the Cross Bred Salmon Taco Sushi like the famous Mexican Tacos but with a Japanese Twist. This had flavors of Spicy Salmon, Sriracha Mayo, Yuzu Salsa, Avocado, and Tobiko.
 Can you imagine Sushi in a Pizza form? I just couldn’t believe my eyes when they presented the ‘Cross Bred Tuna Pizza Sushi’ in front of us. This was such a beautiful and artistic dish which was well plated and rice was used as pizza base. If you are not a Tuna lover, then go for the veg version of this.

I enjoyed all the Sushis served and hope they will add some of the best ones on their menu. Why should Japanese have all the fun in Spring? This light, filling and tasty Sushis can be a great summer food for us as well.

We also got a chance to explore some of the dishes from their new menu – 

Cold Green Tea Noodle Salad – A refreshing cold salad with hues of Green and for that extra oomph factor there was slices of Baby radish and chillies. This salad is a perfect way to begin your meal, especially for Bangalore’s current weather.

Smoked Sriracha Pork Spare Ribs – I just loved the flavors from this dish. The meat was so tender, juicy and had intense flavors of Sriracha sauce.

After a couple of rounds of Sushis, no one really cares about desserts but when you are at The Fatty Bao, you can’t miss their Michelin style plated desserts. We tried the Warm Apricot Pudding, Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Torte, and Brick Toast and it’s hard to say which one was the best. My vote goes for the 1st and 3rd one which had a bit of citrusy flavors and to balance the flavors there were ice creams and fruit compotes as well.

I enjoyed this hearty meal with a glass of Bora Bora which was Vodka and Gin based drink with a dash of passion fruit, green apple pieces and topped with coconut water - a perfect summer cooler I would say.

Nom.. nom.. nom.. Though all the Sushis were brilliantly done, I would go back to relish the ‘The Liberal Tobimayo Pita Pocket Sushi’, ‘Spicy Tempura Fried Prawn Roll Sushi’, and ‘Cheesy Beef Roll Sushi’. Do visit The Fatty Bao (Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata) for a great Sushi experience never before. A meal for two would be ₹1500/- :)
The Fatty Bao
#610, 3rd Floor
HAL 2nd Stage
Indiranagar, Bangalore
For reservations, contact - 080 44114499

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