Friday, March 16, 2018

Check out this new casual dining restaurant in Koramangala - Market Table

I found a gem kind of place recently – Market Table at Koramangala 5th Block. Located near Chianti and Bon South, it’s a beautiful Café which is less than a month old. Market Table name is inspired by the European Market culture. The use of wood for furniture and other interior elements is the main highlight of this place. They’ve done it brilliantly and once you sit back and relax, you won’t feel like leaving this place. They serve only organic food, yeah you heard it right. A former Chef and now Director of Market Table, Mr.Nirmal carefully sources the ingredients. Even the chicken they serve is antibiotic free. And the most interesting part is that you will be surprised to see their reasonably priced menu for a prime location like Koramangala. Their menu consists of European, Mediterranean, and Oriental cuisines.


My friend and I started our lunch with a soup – Cilantro Chicken soup. With a burst of flavors, the soup was really good and it was a great start to our lunch.


Wheat Chia Rolls –Mini wheat Chia rolls filled with Jalapenos, sweet corn, Insalata, grilled cheese, choice of your filling (veggies/Cajun Chicken/BBQ Shrimps) and served with salsa. I liked the veg and shrimp rolls most. Do I need to mention that Spinach infused wheat roll is healthy to the core? These are great post-workout snack options.

M.T Start-Up Chicken – Oven roasted Chicken Thigh with Barbeque sauce, dipping sauce, and salads. When you try this starter, you will realize the difference with regular chicken we have and antibiotic free chicken (free range chicken). This was literally a platter full of happiness. I loved the barbeque flavors.


Golden Vitality – The turmeric drink was more like a detox drink. Nowadays everyone knows about the health benefits of Turmeric and this drink can be a perfect summer cooler.

Popeye’s Virtue at me – A Watermelon drink with apple ice and cucumber was another favorite in our table. These drinks go well with the main course dishes.

If you don’t like health drinks then go for banana-yogurt based smoothies like Strawberry Confection and Berry Punch. Healthy drinks with no added sugar. They use maple syrup for smoothies.

Main course

I must say, it’s hard to find any place which is a treat for your palate. I love every dishes I tried at the Market Table. Every item we tried was cooked to perfection and MT team has done a great job.

Mt Signature lamb – Thin slices of grilled Lamb with lettuce, mixed peppers, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions served with in-house special dressing. They served it with Red rice and if you miss Indian food, then this can be a great option. The generous topping of feta chunks will give a different feeling altogether.

Grilled Asian Spiced Bowl – A flavorful one bowl meal with Prawns, lettuce, veggies, orange wedges, and peppers tossed in Thai dressing. Prawns lacked a bit of flavor from the dressing. But combined with other ingredients, this one was my favorite dish of the day.

Mexican Street bowl – This tasty bowl was made with Chicken, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, pineapple chunks, Cajun lemon dressing and Quinoa as an add-on. My friend was so happy to get her daily dose of Quinoa.


Vanilla Yogurt with mixed berries Truffle – Though flavors were amazing the texture of this frozen yogurt could have been better I felt. With mixed berry Truffles and crumbs, the combo was heavenly. I love the way they presented the dessert with edible flowers.

They believe in using fresh ingredients, olive oil, and zero refined sugar at the Market Table; so one can have a guilt-free meal. We had so many dishes and yet while leaving we were not feeling heavy at all and that may be because of the healthy salad servings and carefully handpicked fresh ingredients they use. Overall my experience at this new all-day dining place was lovely and I will surely go back soon. A meal for two would be ₹600/- (approximately).
Market Table
#10, 1st A cross Road
Koramangala 5th Block
For reservations, contact - 080 25523213

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