Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A quintessential Kerala lunch at Ente Keralam, Frazer Town, Bengaluru!

Ente Keralam now opened a new outlet at Richard’s Town in posh Frazer Town area. A tranquil 100+ years old house turned into a restaurant with a beautiful ambiance and satisfying food makes its guests more relaxed. I always have a homely feeling when I visit Ente Keralam. From my personal experience, no matter what I order, authenticity is guaranteed and quality had been consistent always. Not only the food, those 80’s and 90’s hit Malayalam songs playing in the background will surely make you a bit homesick.

First-time on-invite we visited this new outlet and ordered a Kerala meals (mini Sadya I would call it), Beef fry, Nei meen (Seer fish) fry and Alleppy Fish curry. My bestie and North Indian friend, Neel was totally new to most of the items served to us. Being a Mallu girl, I felt so happy to explain him each and every dish and its ingredients. We started off with a refreshing drink called Keraleeyam made of tender coconut.

About Thali

Layer 1 (from left)- Moru curry (seasoned buttermilk), Pappadom, boiled rice, Sambar, and Rasam
Layer 2 -  Parippu (dal), Bittergourd thoran (stir-fry), Avial, White pumpkin erissery, Olan, Kaalan,
Layer 3 - Banana chips and Sharkaravaratty, Pickle 1 (Puliyingi), pickle 2 (Mango/Lime), pickle 3 (Bimbli), Thenga chammanthi (Coconut chutney) and Curd


Desserts - Gothambu (wheat) payasam, Chakka (Jackfruit) pradhaman, and Palada pradhaman (Payasam made of milk, sugar and rice flakes).

Eating food on banana leaf is healthy and please don’t spoil the experience by using a ‘Knife and fork’. I came across many times when I requested few friends not do this. Google and you will find the scientific and health benefits of eating food on Banana leaf.

Beef Fry

Seer Fish Fry

Alleppy Fish Curry

My Thali ;)

That heavenly feeling I had when I mixed a small portion of rice with some Moru curry, pickle, avial, chunks of mildly spicy beef fry with fried coconut silvers and a flavorful slice of Seer fish on my plate. If you are having Alleppy fish curry, you don’t need anything else other than this creamy coconut based curry and some rice/ piping hot Appams or even it goes well with Malabar Parotta. Meals were finger-licking good and we polished off with 3 types of Payasams for desserts. Chakka Pradhaman and Palada Payasam are my favorite desserts which give me a foodgasm every time I have it. ANY TIME… I’m game for it ;) Most of the dishes served on the Thali were ‘Vegan’ dishes, except few ‘curd based curries’ and desserts. So if you have any expat friends looking for Vegan food, this is an ideal place.

Ente Keralam is the only restaurant in Bangalore where you will see ladies preparing dishes in the kitchen in stunning traditional Kerala Saree. It’s ideal to book a table before you visit Ente Keralam as the restaurant will be always packed (especially the Ulsoor outlet). They recently started a breakfast menu at this outlet and I am gonna visit soon to try that. A meal for two would be ₹1,000 (approximately).
Ente Keralam
#1, Clarke’s Road
Richards Town, Frazer Town
For reservations, contact - +91 8088255565

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