Monday, June 26, 2017

Sly Granny - Have you checked out this Granny's House at Indiranagar yet?

A visit to granny’s house was long time pending, ah ah.. I’m not talking about my granny :P The new community house style restaurant at my side of town. Located at Indiranagar 12th Main ‘Sly Granny’- The community house is latest on kick-ass restaurants list. When you visit this luxurious space, it’s a past meet present feeling. With colorful ambiance, granny’s hand-picked vintage elements, the corridors and walls with stories, comfortable dining spaces, fit-for-the-god kind of food and drinks and not to forget, Granny’s love for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the form of wallpaper, you will find all around you. Naughty Granny I would say ;)

PC: Sly Granny

One fine evening, two of my blogger friends and I visited Sly Granny (on invite) and I’d never ever say no to most of the restaurants in that lane. The staffs gave us a brief narrative about Granny and her interests and what we should expect at Granny’s house. The staffs were very professional and extremely helpful. They guide us through the menu while taking our dietary preferences. The mix of quirky and vintage décor brings a special charm to this place and most likely you will end up spending hours there surrounded by a classy crowd. I just had a glance of Terrace bar area and its perfect place to enjoy your drink in the evening time.

PC: Sly Granny

Sly Granny offers European and Modern Indian Cuisine and their menu is quite unique. They use fresh organic produces and you will feel the quality of products used in every dish you try. We ordered few drinks to start with and in a short span of time I got a wonderful cocktail – ‘Brixton Smash with Vodka, elderflower syrup, white grapes, basil, thyme, mint leaves and lime juice’. After trying a strong drink here, you will never like any cocktail in most of the places. They use very fresh ingredients and the alcohol content is slightly more compared to the other famous places. That was an awesome start to a lazy Monday evening. Later that evening, I had another interesting drink; an Orange Caprioska made of Vodka, brown sugar, lime juice, orange juice, lemon, and orange. I tasted my friend’s drink, Red wine Sangria and wondered why I didn’t order the same. That was so good and had intense flavors. They use Passion fruit puree in Red Wine Sangria.

Now the interesting part – Food :) Very few places in Bangalore satisfy diners with Veg and Non-veg feast at the same time. Most of the places, former or latter will be disappointing. We tried some of the Granny’s special dishes like ‘Barley Salad with fresh yogurt, Orange reduction, peanuts and pickled mustard seeds’, ‘Schnitzel- Thinly pounded chicken fillets crumb fried, served with potato puree, straw veggies, and a mushroom sauce’, ‘Roast Lamb - Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with a lentil rice and brown onion Pilaf and Pomegranate and Balsamic glaze’, ‘Pulled Pork Taco- Slow cooked pork with a coffee, BBQ sauce, Chive Ricotta, Pickled Onions, Jalapenos and house made tortillas’,’ Grilled Figs and goat cheese on crisp baguette’, ‘Duck and mushroom bread with caramelized onions’, ‘Pulled Chicken Taco - South Style Pulled Chicken, Taco with Tomato Chutney and pickled onion’ and few other interesting dishes. Everything was cooked to perfection and we didn’t feel like any dish needs to be improvised.

For desserts we tried the ‘Pot Du Cake - Warm Chocolate Pot Du cake with Orange Creme Anglaise (gluten free)’, Caramel custard inspired Panna cotta, and Walnut Pie. If you like an extraordinary guilt-free pleasure indulgence when it comes to desserts, then Sly Granny is a good option. We enjoyed till we left the plates clean.

Granny likes only happy faces at her house, so I'm giving that 100w smile ;)

I visited Sly Granny almost two months back and by now at least a dozen times I have suggested this place when people ask me for special/ fine dining places in Indiranagar and later they all have thanked me for suggesting Sly Granny. With amazing food, drinks, ambiance, and décor; my overall experience was fabulous at Sly Granny. Do check out this restaurant. A meal for two would be ₹2400/- (approximately).

Sly Granny - The Community House
Level 3 & 4, #618
12th Main, HAL 2nd stage
Bangalore -  560038
For reservation, contact - 080 48536712 

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