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You gotta try it the all new Fava experience at UB City, Bengaluru!

The reason I would like to be around UB city area is simple – most of my favorite restaurants are there. I just need to decide the cuisine depend on my mood. Fava was in my wishlist for quite some time. Chef Abhijit Saha’s exquisite restaurants; ‘Fava and Caperberry’ has taken Mediterranean and European cuisines to a different level which can be match to Michelin starred restaurants. This all-day dining restaurant is very popular among diners and Friday nights are just crafted for the party lovers. The vibrant and great ambience makes this place so special especially the beautiful Alfresco dining area with a view to UB City’s amphitheater.

PC: Akanksha

PC: Akanksha
 A fortnight ago I visited Fava on an invite to try the new Fava menu. Right from sourcing the local ingredients to the organic dining patterns, the interesting new menu focuses on sustainability and good health.

The new menu has whole lotta stuff which you crave for more. Though I prefer non-vegetarian stuffs in my plate, some of the vegetarian appetizers and main courses like ‘Cottage cheese and vegetable skewers with Egyptian dukkah rub’, ‘Polenta crusted crispy goat cheese & thyme roll with spiced tomato relish’, ‘Root vegetable ravioli with mushroom sauce’ and a beautifully plated organic beetroot mezze, ‘Father Michael’s Valombrossa Burrata with dukkah and popped amaranth’ which made me say ‘Wow!'.

Fava is famous for their elite wine collection and I started my tasting session with a glass of ‘Soldepenas Tempranillo Garnacha’ which is a Spanish Red wine and later that evening had a Mango-Thyme Sparkling Mimosa at the end of my meal. Red wine is always the safest bet for me and I liked the fruity flavors from the new wine I’ve tried. The exotic flavor from Mango-Thyme Sparkling Mimosa was absolutely perfect for the Mediterranean dinner.

PC: Akanksha

PC: Akanksha

As it was a new menu tasting we got to try most of the dishes. From the non-vegetarian dishes star appetizers were the ‘Persian chicken jujeh kebab with a refreshing cucumber and pomegranate salad’, ‘Crispy calamari with a tahina dip’, and ‘Grilled deep sea prawns with black sesame, chilli, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil’.

The all-natural and multi-layered ‘Chicken & balsamic roasted organic pumpkin salad with parmesan, mixed greens, and roasted pumpkin seeds’ was perfect for the hot weather.

While enjoying a colorful and tasty ‘Tenderloin & ricotta manti with smoked tomato sauce, labneh and toasted pistachio’ I also got to try the delicious ‘Root Vegetable Ravioli with Mushroom sauce’.

The pizzas served were ‘Pizza Bianco with basil pesto, sliced potato, parmesan and arugula’ and ‘Pepperoni pizza with Italian salami, bell pepper, mozzarella, and arugula’. Though these thin crust pizzas were so tasty, I felt they could’ve used a healthy base for the pizzas.

For the ‘actual’ main course, I ordered a beautifully done Herb crusted chicken scaloppini with saffron polenta, grilled slow roasted tomatoes, and herb butter sauce. The Chicken scaloppini and saffron polenta were cooked to perfection and this is on my favorite list now. The aromatic herb butter sauce was blissful.

PC: Akanksha

The other must try dishes includes a ‘Mediterranean Style Stir-fry with Millet & Black Rice Risotto’ (Veg- main course) and ‘Plated smoked salmon labneh (mezze)’.

When the desserts were served, we were so full, but then who can say no to desserts… I tried the ‘Black pepper & chia seeds panna cotta with red grape’ which was a sugar-free dessert along with the beautifully plated ‘Caramel & chocolate flan with salted caramel pudding’ and ‘Passion fruit & coconut tart with vanilla ice cream’.  The desserts were excellent and it will surely impress the diet-conscious and dessert-lovers.

PC: Akanksha

They have introduced a new Ice cream counter, ‘Minus 196 Degree’ with Liquid nitrogen infused natural ice creams. Most of the places which serve ice creams made of liquid-nitrogen will be only drama. I had the same feeling at Fava but after trying the ‘Dark chocolate decadence ice cream’ my perception for dramatized desserts have completely changed.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Fava and would love to visit again. A special thanks to Food and Wine connoisseur, Chetan Kamani for making me part of this event. A meal for two would be ₹1800 (approximately).

#203, Level 2, UB City
Vittal Malya Road
For reservations, contact - 080 49652958

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