Monday, March 27, 2017

HipBar - Go Cashless and now enjoy your favorite drink on the Cloud!

#This article is strictly for people who are 18+

Do you enjoy your drink often?
Have you ever wished for an app listed with your favorite spirits?
Have ever paid your bar/restaurant bill using a mobile wallet?
The answer for all above is HipBar.

HipBar is the first discovery commerce platform and mobile wallet for drinks that helps you to build your bar on the Cloud. Using HipBar you can browse your favorite drinks, reserve that and pay for them using your smartphone mobile wallet. This can be redeemed at any HipBar associated bar or outlets. India is the world’s third largest and the fastest growing market for adult beverages and liquor industry size is worth of $35 Billion. With current growing market HipBar is a boon to many of us.

Recently I got an opportunity to meet the HipBar Founder, Prasanna Natarajan, Prashant (from Bangalore team) and along with few other HipBar Team members. From my conversation with the HipBar team, I felt I should spread the word as a Blogger and also as a responsible drinker :)

Founder of HipBar- Prasanna Natarajan

The Founder Prasanna Natarajan says, "I have been running Sipping Spirits as a hands-on entrepreneur for a decade after setting it up from the scratch. Growing the business is an uphill task and when I spoke to the industry leaders, surprisingly they all echoed the same sentiments, which is when I realized the problems are endemic and size did not matter. Early 2015, I put together an action plan to challenge the status quo, and come up with answers to the industry problems through technology. That action plan is HipBar".

HipBar launched in Bangalore earlier this month and already have 30,000 customers using the app. This app surely seems to be a trendsetter. They have 100 stores and 80 bars that are associated with HipBar. So now you don’t need to worry about buying liquor in month-end with less cash. Go cashless and reserve your favorite spirit using the HipBar app. The app is very user-friendly and you can also pay your restaurant bill using the HipBar app.

Once you buy any liquor using the HipBar app, you can order the same in any bar or lounges associated with HipBar. The app will do the work while you enjoy your drink. Even if a minimum quantity of 30 ml you can use and it will digitally reflect on the bottle quantity. The bar/restaurant will charge for the quantity you ordered and payment will be done through HipBar Wallet.

Using this app, you can also discover the nearby watering holes in your city. With the growing number of party lovers, they have a tie-up with major pubs and restaurants in our city. Their clientele includes Social, Hammered, Smoke House Deli, The Open Box, Hangover, Toscano, Sotally Tober, and Tippler to name few. Only consumers in the legal drinking age can browse through various premium brands on this platform. The app also has features like drinkometer, HipBar credits, details on alcohol permissible limits in a week, about responsible drinking, and online chat support. So what are waiting for? Just download the app and play around with the features before you place an order for your favorite liquor. To know more check out -
#Drink responsibly

Download the app from iTunes, click here 
Download the app from Google Play, click here

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