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An afternoon with tea appreciation at Teamonk Global, Bengaluru

I don't remember when I started having tea in my life. Maybe when I was just 3 or 4 yrs old. Back in Kerala, my family can't survive without the daily dose of tea. It's like a ritual and it’s an instant energy booster. After moving to Bangalore I looked for different brands and types of teas. My interest for tea made me stock up different flavors at home which includes green tea, peppermint, jasmine tea, lemon-ginger and regular tea powder. By now you know how much I love my cuppa.

Recently Teamonk Global approached me for participating in their Tea appreciation session and I’m happy that I went for this informative session. Teamonk Global is a new brand among online tea portals and their office is located in Off Bannerghatta Road. Past few years people are adapting a healthy lifestyle and majority of them love their healthy drink like Green tea or Oolong. In current time uber population is interested in buying their favorite teas from different portals. It’s easy, convenient and no hustle-bustle of going to supermarkets and spending time by figuring out your favorite flavor.

Teamonk’s name is interesting as tea has got some age-old connection with monks. Just like Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head, belief is that tea was discovered by Buddha when a tea leaf fell into his drink which later became a favorite among the monks. They believed that tea helps them to remain awake while meditating. The journey of tea started from that era. At Teamonk Global, the team believes in providing the finest quality teas from Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri hills. India has some of the finest and export quality teas. All the teas are handpicked from the above places and it is owned by Teamonk company. They’ve set the bars high and when you take the first sip of tea, you’ll realize the care and effort gone into that product.

Ms.Pallavi Pandey with tea enthusiasts

Teamonk Global CEO Mr. Ashok Mittal

Our tea appreciation session started with an introduction to tea and company by Ms. Pallavi Pandey, Chief Marketing Officer at Teamonk Global. Later Mr.Ashok Mittal who is the CEO of Teamonk Global shared a glimpse of his career, interest in teas, tea estates and various processes which go through before we get a packet of Teamonk’s finest teas. He has got almost 35+ years of experience in the Tea industry and seen how the tea culture has changed in India right from mid of 1950’s. There USP is the finest quality of abundant teas. Major teas which are commonly used are Black tea, Oolong tea, White tea, and Green tea. What makes them different from each other? Is it just color? No. It’s all about the way it is processed.

Tea name
Rich brown
Fully oxidized
Light Amber color
Slightly fermented and semi-oxidized. A mix of black and green tea. Oxidation level differs from 8%- 50%. Flavor-Malty/strong/floral/fruity
Light  green – transparent color
Subtle flavors. Less oxidized.
Light green
Non-fermented and non-oxidized. Tastes earthy and refreshing. It’s available in different flavors.
All these teas are available in interesting flavors and its taste, color, and characteristics differ from each other.

Tea is having many health and vitality benefits as it contains antioxidants like Flavonoids –catechin (polyphenols), and Theaflavin etc. Some of the health benefits of tea include lowering the risk of cancer, weight loss, detoxification, anti-ageing and boosts memory.

Throughout the workshop, they gave different teas for us to feel the art of drinking tea. Mr.Mittal also demonstrated how to brew the perfect cuppa. Some of the must try teas includes Bodh second flush tea, Reeti White tea, Maya Oolong tea and Cardamom tea. They also use the unique pyramid tea bags. The advantage of using pyramid tea bag is that brewing tea is much easier and there is space for tea leaves to move around compare to old tea bags which comes in small sizes.
Pic courtesy: Teamonk Global

After the event, we had a tea party with in-house snacks and croissants, puffed pastry, carrot cupcakes, fruit biscotti and cheese pops were savored with a hot cup of Oolong and black tea. The workshop was really useful in order to enhance my knowledge in tea. Bangalore needs more tea workshops like this for the tea lovers or tea enthusiasts.

Tea enthusiasts at workshop
With an increasing number of clientele like Air Asia and other five-star hotelier partners; Teamonk Global also provides tea related corporate gift ideas. Teamonk products are available through Amazon, Snapdeal, Big Basket, and Flipkart. Teamonk tea price ranges from ₹ 400 – ₹ 750 per 100gm.
Tea appreciation certificate

To know more about Teamonk Global and to buy products online, check out Teamonk Global
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