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A delightful dinner at The Fatty Bao, Indiranagar for Axis Bank Gourmet Fest

This November went well with some interesting fine dining experiences and launch events. Recently I have been to ‘The Fatty Bao’, Bangalore for the Gourmet Fest by Axis Bank. Gourmet Fest by Axis Bank Dining Delights is a 10-day long culinary celebration. You can enjoy a 3-course meal from the selected restaurants participating in this Gourmet Fest by paying INR 799/- per person. For Axis Gourmet fest booking should be done through Axis credit/ Debit cards and pre-booking can be done for INR 49. Gourmet Fest by Axis Bank Dining Delights was from Nov 11th - 20th, 2016. This gourmet celebration happens across all major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune.

I got an invite through FBAI for participating in the Gourmet Fest by Axis Bank. This was my maiden visit to The Fatty Bao, Bangalore which is located at 12th Main, Indiranagar. The whole stretch has some attractive restaurants/pubs and easily one can notice that 12th main is the heart of Indiranagar which is a much-happening place in town. As I go to different restaurants in this area it was not difficult for me to find the restaurant location. The Fatty Bao is famous for its Asian Gastro Bar with modern and quirky interiors, funky decors and furnishings with pop-up colors, a unique artistic space on the wall with Panda painting and colorful servewares. The cute ningyo dolls (Japanese dolls) of salt and pepper shakers on the table is hard to miss.

I am a great fan of Chef Manu Chandra, who is one of the best chefs in our country and the man behind The Fatty Bao, Olive Beach, Toast and Tonic, and Monkey Bar. All the places are equally famous and it’s hard to say which one is the best. My reservation was done in advance, so when my husband and I reached the restaurant we got our table without any waiting time. I was surprised to see the crowd on a working day. We had an early dinner booking and towards the end of our dinner, I saw this place was so packed on a working day. I am sure that on weekends without a table reservation it’s not easy to dine at The Fatty Bao.

We started our dinner with two cocktails as TFB has launched a new cocktail menu with innovative drinks and the menu is named as ‘Root to Fruit’. The drinks we ordered were not part of the Axis Bank Fest. We tried K - Pop (I love the actual K-Pop too) and the Wow Ming. K - Pop is popcorn infused whiskey with wasabi syrup and earl grey bitters. Wow Ming was a mix of Gin, Martini Rosso, grapefruit syrup, thyme, lime, and tonic.  Both the drinks were refreshingly wonderful.

For appetizers, we ordered the famous Char Sui Bao which is made of BBQ Pork Belly, green apple kimchi, Hoisin sauce, sesame oil, and scallions. Exactly a year back I started eating Bao at a famous shop at Church Street and ever since I love these Chinese soft buns. The succulent pieces of pork belly coated in sauce and wrapped in a Bao is something which you don’t feel like spoiling, but at the same time can’t resist eating it too. Bao was a kick-ass starter and along with Bao we ordered the ‘Dancing Prawns’. I know the name is bit funny but the dish was amazing. I wish it could’ve been bit spicier. The flavors of pepper and chili jam on the stir fried prawns were perfect and beauty of the dish was it was served in a small cast-iron pan.

For the main course, we ordered Spicy Red Chicken Ramen for my partner in crime and Lotus Root in Thai Red curry for me. I ordered a vegetarian dish that evening as I love Thai red curry and there was no meat version of red curry available on the menu. I am not a great fan of Ramen noodles but when I tasted the spicy chicken ramen served in a large bowl I felt the flavors just dance in your mouth. The dish was perfectly made with Dashi with minced chicken, sautéed leeks, and scallions in chili broth and topped with a soft boiled egg. On a cold winter night, this is all you needed- a bowl of hot chicken Ramen. My dinner was quite heavy as they served lotus root and vegetables in Thai red curry with fried peanuts, fried onions, lemon wedge, a mild spicy thick paste, and rice crisps along with a bowl of jasmine rice. The quantity was too much for a single diner. The aromatic Thai red curry with fresh lotus stem and veggies is easily the best one available in Bangalore.

After a scrumptious dinner, it was time for desserts. We ordered ‘The Fatty Hill’ and ‘Lemon Tart’. Though both the desserts were extraordinary I just couldn’t stop eating The Fatty Hill until the plate was cleared. This dessert was nothing less than a masterchef creation with a chocolate pyramid with Vanilla gelato, Praline, rice crisps and topped with fresh mint leaves. The best part was the creamy chocolate ice cream was coated with flavored rice crisps and it didn’t get soggy at all. Lemon Tart was made of lemon curd layered with a light lemon mousse, almond cake, and Praline crumbs. The desserts served were beautifully plated just like a piece of art and I had a great time by devouring these wonderful desserts.

The service was quick and staffs were polite, friendly and attentive even in the peak hours when they have to deal with many customers. Overall my dinner at The Fatty Bao was great indeed and thanks to Axis Bank team for a pleasurable gourmet dining experience. My only suggestion to Axis Bank Gourmet Fest team is that they should allow diners who don’t have an Axis credit or debit cards. This way more foodies and diners can experience this great fest. I would also like to thank FBAI and TFB staffs for making my dinner even more special. I will definitely visit this Asian gastro bar again for trying more and more interesting dishes and drinks.

To know more about Axis Bank Gourmet fest, click here

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