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Flavours of Thailand by Chef Aong at The Market, The Ritz Carlton, Bengaluru

After a spectacular event, 'Seven Wonders of the World' inspired menu by celebrity Chef Gary Mehigan last week, The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore is back with a Thai Food Festival, 'Flavours of Thailand' at The Market from 19th - 25th September 2016. The highlight of this luxurious festival is the host; visiting Chef Aong from Phulay Bay, Ritz-Carlton Reserve. Chef Aong is an amazing lady with more than 15+ years of experience. Inspired by her mom, Chef Aong uses the traditional cooking methods in a graceful and modern way to create her dishes. One of her signature dishes is 'Goon Nam Prik Pao' which is a semi-sticky paste of dry prawns, Thai chillies, garlic, and shallots. This fiery paste can be used in different dishes. I was invited for a food tasting session along with few other renowned bloggers from Bengaluru.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bengaluru is the first Ritz hotel in India. It's located in the prime area, central business district or better known as CBD. This was my first visit to 'The Market' and I was amazed by their ambience and hospitality. They have multiple live-counters for different cuisines.

The Market's menu offers an awesome spread of signature Thai dishes. We started our dinner with some salads, satays (tofu, prawns, beef, and chicken) and soup. Anytime you can inform the Chefs at the counter to prepare the dish according to your palate.


Raw mango salad

Seafood salad

Pomelo salad

Meat balls coated with sesame seeds
Spicy beef salad
We tried the Thai raw mango salad, Pomelo salad, Thai meatballs coated with sesame seeds, and Beef salad. All the salads were quite a treat with tantalizing flavors. The sweet, tangy, and spicy combination used in every salads were truly amazing. If you love little extra spice in your dishes, then don't forget to try the bird's eye chilli in any salad.

Tom yum thalay (seafood)

Tom yum thalay (seafood) - One of the must-try soups at The Market. A spicy soup with prawns, galangal, mushroom, and chillies will make you crave for more.

Prawns satay

We were served a Satay combo of tofu, chicken, beef, and prawns with an accompaniment of peanut sauce. I loved the tofu, chicken, and prawns. Tofu, if cooked perfectly, can give you a 'wow' feeling.
Main course

A classy bar counter at The Market
Thai cuisine mainly uses a wide range of fresh herbs, spices, vegetables, seafood and other meats. Just like the appetizers and salads, their main course was also a treat for all five senses. The aroma from the main counter will drag you to fill your plate with delectable Thai dishes. I opted for Khao Phad Phak (Thai style stir fried rice), Baame Phad ke Mau (Thai style noodles), Phad Pong Karee (veg), Nau Phad Karpaow (Beef), Kai Phad Priwann (Chicken), and Pla Thod Prik Thai Dum (Fish). All the dishes were outstanding especially the beef, tofu, noodles and fish preparations. The stir fry preparation of beef was an absolute bliss.

Dessert counter

Where should I start? The Market has an array of Indian, Western and food festival special Thai desserts. It's an ultimate dessertporn destination for a person like me who can't stay away from desserts. I chose the desserts randomly. I tried the Thai desserts; banana in syrup, banana in coconut milk, spring rolls along with raspberry gateaux, coconut laddu with dry fruit filling, parwal ki mithai, and blueberry cupcake. Thai style coffee almond dessert could've been bit sweeter. I found sweets made of banana very interesting only because I always relate Thai cuisine with Kerala cuisine for a lot of same ingredients used in both the cuisines. Nutella crepes with dusted powdered sugar is nightmare for any fitness freaks :P Coconut laddu too was yummy.

With Chef Aong (Pic courtesy: Deena Pinto)
Overall my dining experience at 'The Market' was great and I would definitely visit this place again for more enjoyable feasts. Lunch is priced at INR 1750 +taxes and dinner at INR 1850 + taxes. The 'Flavours of Thailand' festival is on till 25th September 2016. Don't miss this!

The Market, The Ritz-Carlton
#99, Residency Road
For more information, contact 080 49148000 or visit The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

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