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Experience the authentic North West Frontier Cuisine with a modern twist at Kopper Kadai, Koramangala

When you travel towards a famous college locality, you expect small eateries nearby. What could be more surprising when you find a fine dining restaurant near Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala. Guess the person, I bumped into when I entered Kopper Kadai on a working day. The person who does wonders with his hands - the celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar. He is the man behind Kopper Kadai.

Once you enter this beautiful restaurant, the first thing which catches your attention will be on 172 hanging copper ladles which roughly symbolizes the spices used in their cooking. True to its name; the restaurant is set beautifully with handmade copper decors and a classy fine dining ambience.

I was invited for a food tasting session along with another food blogger friend of mine. After taking a couple of photos, it was time to indulge in some authentic North West frontier affair.

Menu for the evening
Drinks ~ Sherbat Paani

From the 'Sherbat Paani' menu, we had few drinks which were different in taste and refreshingly good.
Naariyal Passion Mantra - Mocktail which is made of passion fruit, mint, coconut water, and hot chili for that extra kick.
Kiwi Ambi Panna - My pick was this drink which was made of raw mango, gooseberry, and green chili. I Just loved the flavors :)

Chatmola Fatafat - A khatta meetha drink with cola, lime, and jaljeera.

Patialey Wali Lassi - This classic thick sweet and salted lassi comes in a cute milk vessel which was served on a truck.

Starters ~ Kebab ke gali se

Jorpuri Subz Galouti - Cheese patty and tawa vegetables served with chana jor.

Challi Kolmi Kebab - I will give a 5/5 rating for the presentation of this kebab, which is made with potato and crispy corn. Accompaniment for this starter was 'sarson (mustard) ki chutney'.

Ganna Chicken - One of their signature dishes made of minced chicken and skewer used is an edible sugarcane stick.

Lucknowi Dahi ki Shammi - Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians love this dahi ke kebab made of hand rolled yogurt patties with ginger, chilies, and served with slices of baby radish. This starter was presented in an upside down umbrella.

Mughal-e-Murgh Tikka - Chicken Kebabs with a royal touch and the flavors of Mughal make this kebab very exquisite.

The Royal Kebab Express - One of their signature starter. Chef's favorite 5 starters including lamb and chicken are served on an antique charcoal iron box. If you are in KK, then do not forget to try their melt-in-mouth galouti kebabs which is purely made in nawabi style.

Main Course

Mastawa - A wonderful preparation of lamb and dal in creamy consistency which is garnished with mint and caramelized onions. This dish was like Haleem, but tasted better than Haleem.

Warqi Dal e Dastan - Ancient preparation of dal, which is grandfather's signature dish.

Cooker mein Kukkad - Mildly spiced chicken gravy served in a pressure cooker. I enjoyed this delicious curry with assorted breads and chicken biryani.

Minari Chicken Biryani - I just loved the flavors from this Hyderabadi Chicken biryani. Rice coated with spices was well cooked.

Bread Tokri - Assorted bread basket which contained tandoori roti, paratha and naan. Most of the restaurant disappoint me when it comes to bread. Either it will be 'don't feel like eating' or too hard to eat. KK's bread was good in terms of quality and quantity. Overall the main course served were top-notch.


Dilli Wali Fruit Cream - This dessert was more like a fruit custard. The taste was just okay.

Nutella Dodhalava - Oh! I loved this dessert. I don't like Nutella much, but this dessert was really yummy. When you taste, first you'll get Dodha burfi topped with pistachios and from the middle of the dessert, you'll get Nutella.
Check pls...
Pic Courtesy: Jyothi Varne
Chef Akshay Nayyar was busy in the kitchen but when we told the manager that we would like to meet him, within few minutes he came and spoke to us. A very young and super talented chef who creates spectacular dishes. Somewhere I read that he believes in 5D cooking i.e, taste, creativity, emotion, appeal and passion. After meeting him I realized that this is so true about him. I had a remarkable dining experience at Kopper Kadai. Within a limited budget, if I want to devour some really good North West frontier province food, then I know which place to hit first. A meal for two would be ₹1,200 (approximately) :)

#77/A, Ground Floor
Cygnus Chambers, JNC Road
Koramangala 5th Block
For reservations, contact 080 49652518

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