Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A visit to Mullapanthal Restaurant (Toddy Shop) in Kochi, Kerala

Today I want to share one of the best experiences I had in Kochi (my hometown) exactly on this day, about 2 years ago. I had an opportunity to visit the most popular toddy shop - Mullapanthal Restaurant (Toddy shop/Shaap) in Tripunithura which is very close to my home. This was my first ever visit to a family-friendly toddy shop. 

The visit to this place was worth all the hype which I've been hearing from ages. Mulla means Jasmine and panthal is pent/shed; exactly what you will be welcomed when you reach this place - a jasmine canopy at the entrance. They serve local brew (Coconut toddy) with all traditional fish and meat dishes.

The highlight of this place is that you will see a group of ladies in the kitchen preparing all the alluring dishes. The main Chef Radhamma is working there for 30+ years. Due to time constrain I visited this place for lunch soon after a late breakfast, so couldn't savor most of the popular dishes. I enjoyed a glass of Toddy with Konju (Prawns) roast, Kozhuva (anchovy) fry, kappa (Tapioca), and Vatta (Trevally fish) curry. Their fish head curry is so popular.

The place was so packed with the family crowd and I am glad I was lucky to visit this toddy shop. If you ever get a chance to travel to Kochi, include Mullapanthal Toddy Shop in your itinerary, I bet it will be a treat to your taste buds.
Mullapanthal Restaurant
MLA Road, Udayamperur
Kochi, Kerala - 68230
Ph No: 0484 - 2791227

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