Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Sweet and Spicy Recipe using FreshtoHome Lamb Chops!

Living in a metro city has many advantages, out of which the main one will be getting fresh poultry, meat, and fish delivered to the doorstep. We are going through a global pandemic and just like me, most people do not want to step out from home even for grocery shopping. So for contactless delivery and online orders, FreshtoHome has always been in my top of the list. FreshtoHome always catered to my needs for fresh and chemical-free products. My recent order from them was juicy lamb chops and this time I wanted to try something oriental. So here is the recipe for sweet and spicy lamb chops.


Lamb Chops                              - 400 gms
Coriander seeds                         - 2 tbsp
Pepper                                       - 1 tbsp
Kashmiri Chilli powder            - 1 tsp
Ginger - garlic                           - 1 tbsp (finely chopped)
Soya Sauce                                - 1 tbsp
Red Chilli Sauce                       - 2 tbsp
Hoisin Sauce                             - 2 tbsp
Vinegar                                      - 1 tbsp
Sesame Oil                                - 2 - 3 tsp
Salt                                            - as per taste (Add very less as sauces contains salt)
Water                                         - 2 cups
Corn flour                                  - 1 tsp (mixed with 2 tbsp lukewarm water)


  • Crush Coriander seeds and pepper (no need to make a fine powder).

  • Wash and clean the lamb chops and marinate it with all the sauces, vinegar, salt, chilli powder, finely chopped ginger and garlic, and Coriander - pepper mix (use 1 tbsp and reserve the pending for cooking). Adjust the quantity of spices or sauces according to your taste.
  • Keep the lamb chops for marination for at least half an hour (overnight marination is best).
  • In a grill pan, heat oil and add the lamb chops.

  • Keep turning every few mins by adding Coriander - Pepper mix, till the lamb chops are cooked according to your preference/ charred nicely.
  • Once the lamb chops are ready, take it out from the grill pan and keep it aside.

  • Scrap the pan with a spatula and add 2 cups of water. Once sauce starts boiling, add the corn flour mix.
  • Add the lamb chops to the pan and coat well with the sauce. Add the remaining Coriander - pepper powder to the sauce.
  • Switch of the flame and keep it closed for 15 mins before serving.
  • Garnish with toasted sesame seeds (optional).
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