Wednesday, June 27, 2018

All about my recent visit to Foxtrot Gastropub, Bengaluru!

“You can check-out any time you like
But you can never leave! – Lyrics from ‘Hotel California’ by Eagles”

This song comes to my mind when I really like any place and literally get attached to the same. When there are lovely places to chill near home, who would like to stay back at home? Foxtrot Gastropub opened earlier this year and this happening place is the answer for those who think Eastern Suburbans don’t know how to party :P My review is based on two visits and on both visits I totally had a different experience. My first visit was on a Saturday evening and this place was packed as hell. Foxtrot is famous for its rocking parties, live band performances, great ambiance, amazing drinks and lip-smacking food. Weekends are the best time to spend here if you want to dance with your buddies and party hard. Here the DJ knows the pulse of their guests and you will see almost everyone on the dance floor.

Once you enter this chic friendly pub, every nook and corner is different with funky and vibrant décor. Every corner has a story to tell and you would love to spend time here especially in the daytime which I discovered on my recent visit. They have kept books on different tables, so if you are not in a mood just go there, grab a drink and enjoy reading your favorite book.

The talented young Chef here, Mr. Alok knows his game well. His style is totally different and that what makes Foxtrot different from other Pubs in this area. Till date, I haven’t heard a single bad review about this place from my foodie pals. Their menu is simple yet could have been an elaborate one with more ‘quick bites’. From a selection of Cocktails I love the 'Forest Fog' with some smokey drama (Smoked Whiskey cocktail with hickory wood, bitters, and citrus juice), ‘What a Match(a)’ made of Matcha tea, Whiskey, ginger syrup and citrus juice, and ‘Urban Decay’ – a Bacardi drink with Pineapple, star anise, bitters and citrus juice. I’m not a LIIT (Long Island Iced Tea) person and love to have Vodka/ Whiskey in my cocktail along with spices. These three drinks were brilliant and I would highly recommend it.

Lol! I wish I had a ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’ like the one which evil queen from Snow White had, but a customized one to check which are the must-try dishes in Bangalore food scene :P Their menu consists of an array of selected interesting dishes like Black Pepper Chicken Tikka, Curry leaf Prawns, Jerk spiced Cottage Cheese with Coriander Pesto, and Tomato and Cherry Mozzarella Bruschetta,  Waffle Chicken Sandwich with Chimichurri Salsa and Masala fries, and thin crust Pizza Margherita. If I had a choice I can live the rest of my life with these addictive creamy Curry leaf Prawns and Jerk Spiced Cottage Cheese.

My second visit was on a weekday afternoon and this Pub can be turned to your workplace. If you have a laptop and a dongle, just pick a peaceful corner and you are sorted for the day. Overall I enjoyed my experience at Foxtrot Gastropub and would love to visit again. A meal for two would be ₹1000/- (approximately). Table reservation is recommended as this place offer wonderful buffet deals and weekend parties.
Foxtrot Gastropub
#89/1, Level 4
NTR Royal Plaza, Monnekollal Village
Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli
For reservations, contact - +91 9108136001
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