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Have you tried the new dessert menu at Cafe Mangii yet?

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The one thing I pray to God daily is not to make me a diabetic patient. I can’t think about a life without my daily dose of desserts. Most of the times, I even forget the term ‘calorie’ and only think about the taste of the desserts. Recently when I got an invite for the new dessert menu launch at Café Mangii, I was not very sure how my experience will be. But the team kept telling me, this is something which I shouldn’t miss. Nowadays people are more health conscious and most of ‘em will miss the drool-worthy desserts. Café Mangii gave a healthy take on this, with their low-calorie desserts and came up with some guilt-free indulge desserts.
PC: Cafe Mangii

Corporate Chef Ajay Thakur has beautifully imbibed his globetrotting experiences into a beautiful menu that the cities haven’t experienced before. It is an amalgamation of various cooking techniques from all over Europe, bringing together secret home recipes and twisting classic ones to great effect.
For this high tea event, we had some of best desserts in town along with Café Mangii’s popular pizza, pasta, and some short-eats.

Desserts I loved most –

‘Apple Crumble’ made of Flambé Apple, rich dry fruits, almond crumble and topped with an apple crisp. On the very first bite itself, we knew that Café Mangii’s new menu is surely an interesting one.

‘Nutella Surprise Crunch’ made of eggless cake, Hazelnut Cremeux, milk Chocolate Mousse and Caramelized Hazelnut. I am not a fan of ‘eggless cakes’, but this dessert just blew my mind and taste buds both. Heaven in a plate for Chocolate lovers <3

’34 layers’ with very thin layers of Chocolate cake, Chocolate Ganache and 54% Chocolate Mousse which will make you say ‘Wow!. Pure bliss it was!

‘Tiramisu’ with Italian Custard, Mascarpone cheese, and Kahlúa, Chef created an edible piece of art for us. A must try dessert if you are bored of regular Tiramisu.

‘Mocha Fudge Treat’ made of Mocha Fudge cake, Coffee Cremeux, and Mocha cream was an intense dessert and favorite of mine.

The other desserts we tried from the new menu were –

Moelleux’ made of 100% Chocolate Sable, Classic French buttery biscuit and Vanilla Ice cream.

‘Esterhazy’ made of Almond cake, Chocolate Cream, and Orange Marmalade. Just like other desserts, this dessert was also well plated but the fact was you cannot say no when you see this beautifully plated dessert with the chocolate glaze.

Philadelphia Baked Cheesecake with berry compote was simply delicious one.

Other than the delectable desserts and finger-licking food, my drink of the day was ‘Go Goa’ which was Vodka based cocktail with Chili and Guava. Not sure if this drink is on their menu. It was created based on a friend’s suggestion and I absolutely enjoyed it.

All thanks to Chef Sandeep Rane from Café Mangii, Mumbai who created these beauties and also helped us in understanding each and every dessert

It was great catching up few people I respect most - Wanitha Ashok, Aji Nair, Padma Kumar, Husna Sait, Rohith Chopra and Namita Gupta. Also my blogger friends who took time for checking out the new dessert menu. Thanks to team Café Mangii for the wonderful hospitality. Next time when I have sweet cravings, I know which place to hit first :) 

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