Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feast on a weekend with 48 East, Bengaluru!

When you really wanna gorge on to some feast on a lazy weekend and if there are no good restaurants nearby then what’s the best thing one can think about? Look for online food delivery options. Recently I came across 48 East and last weekend had a feast at my home with some lip-smacking food from 48 East’s Marathahalli Outlet. 48 East is new and already very popular food delivery start-up. What makes them different from others is the variety of Asian cuisines they offer; dishes from 48 countries. Bangalore is an open hub for global cuisines and still, we don’t have much of interesting cuisines or not-so-famous ones. 48 East is doing a really great job by providing its customers a wonderful gastronomical journey through Asian cuisines.

I was thoroughly impressed at the first sight as the food came with excellent packaging and quantity. They have different packaging for each stuff with microwave safe containers and they make sure food is delivered hot and fresh. I was slightly flabbergasted to see the cuisines they provided. This was my first experience with 48 East and as they were having a special menu for Chinese New Year, the menu had more of Chinese dishes.

Bok Choy and Mushroom Dim sum

Peking Chicken Ravioli

I started with Bok Choy and Mushroom Dim sums and Peking Chicken Ravioli. Both the appetizers came with 48 East’s signature sauces. The translucent Bok Choy and Mushroom Dim sum had distinctive flavors and sesame seed garnishing made it extra tasty along with three accompaniments. The Peking Chicken Ravioli was delicious too.  Ordering Dim sums from restaurants always turned out to be a horrible experience for me. By the time it's delivered to home dim sum will turn to ‘dull sum’. But I loved the quality of dim sum wrap used by 48 East which retained the flavors and was not soggy at all.

Chinese prosperity Salad, Yusheng

Next, I had the Chinese prosperity Salad, Yusheng (Veg), a traditional New Year salad with all my favorite veggies, fruits, crispy rice noodles and tossed with chili plum sauce. There was an extra container of salad dressing which was not required as salad already contained a good amount of dressing.

Uyghur style vegetable crescent
The Uyghur style vegetable crescent was a new dish to me with familiar flavors. This snack looked liked our Indian sweet Gujiya and was made of fried pastry with a filling of vegetables like green peas, soya nuggets, butternut squash, celery, and spices. The dip given was chilli plum one and it went well with the Uyghur style vegetable crescent.

Cantonese braised fish with Hunan fried rice

Lo Han Jai

Honey Chili Chicken
Malaysian Ribbon Noodles with stuffed Mushrooms

For the main course, I tried the Cantonese braised white snapper fish with a tasty Hunan fried rice, Lo Han Jai which is also known as Buddha’s delight, and Malaysian Ribbon Noodles with stuffed Mushrooms. All these dishes were paired with an appetizer, Honey Chili Chicken which was a bit too dry for my palate. Lo Han Jai was veggies and fried tofu in soy sauce served with a sesame rice. Rice was perfect to my liking and it’s not always easy to find fried rice made of right ingredients and less oil. The side dish and rice were served in the same bowl which could’ve given separately. The healthy whole wheat Malaysian Ribbon Noodles prepared in a spicy Malaysian sauce served with fried stuffed Mushrooms was a spot-on dish. Any day anytime I love noodles and pasta. Somehow got addicted to it and stuffed mushrooms just made my day.

Nolen Gur Caramel Custard

For desserts, I had the Nolen Gur Caramel Custard and mooncakes. Mooncakes were made of two different fillings – Dry fruits and Red bean. This is a very popular Chinese festive special dessert and I absolutely loved it. Nolen Gur Caramel Custard was creamy and luscious with a healthy alternative of date palm jaggery (Nolen Gur) with the regular sugar.

Pic for Instagram :P
They have a weekly changing (every Friday) menu and do check out their page for interesting dishes. You can order directly from 48 East’s page or through Swiggy/Zomato. While writing this article I’m still craving for some of the mouth-watering stuffs I had. When you order from 48 East you’ll get a satisfaction of having food from a fine-dining restaurant in low-budget. Thanks to 48 East team for a delightful experience and I will surely order again. A meal for two would be ₹500 (approximately).
For more details, check out - 48 East 

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