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When foodies meet for a carnivorous meal and fell in love with Parsi food at Sodabottleopenerwala, Bengaluru!

SodaBottleOpenerWala in short SBOW is your quintessential guide to Parsi food. SBOW located in Lavelle Road is an ideal place for those nostalgic memories of DD era and devouring some Parsi food while your favorite classic Bollywood and International pop music is playing in the background. This place has got an ample ambiance with quirky interiors and elements to add that old charm.

SBOW was on my wishlist for a long time. Every time I see someone post the pic of Berry pulav, Dhansak, falooda or even Shrewsbury biscuit, I curse myself for not being to this restaurant.
As I believe everything has the right time, I was invited to try the new menu at SBOW along with few other die-hard foodies.

We ditched the ol' menu (except few items) and tried loads ‘n’ loads of dishes from their new menu. As few of my friends were regular at the SBOW, they suggested some of the must try dishes and drinks.


Raspberry Soda – A must try drink made of crushed Raspberries, soda, and sugar

Sekanje Bin – Persian inspired drink made of mint and prunes

Mumma Nu Double Dose – Another favorite of mine which is a cocktail made of whiskey, rum, saffron, dates flavor, and beaten eggs.

The Bumsuckerwala – A cocktail made of frozen Raspberry, thyme, and Vodka. Don’t forget to ask the story behind this funny name while you enjoy your drink :P

Bombay Julep – A cocktail made of Bacardi rum, mint, Apricot, honey, and lime juice which is served in a cute Julep glass garnished with flowers.


Crispy Corn and Bhel – The classic Bombay bhel with crispy corn tossed with tangy chutney.

Carnivore’s Bhel – Bombay bhel with bacon, chicken, and ham tossed in tangy chutney.

Raasta Sandwich – Sandwich made of multigrain bread, veggies, and cheese; served with spicy French fries.

‘Boil’ Egg Sandwich – I love this bread sandwich with a filling of boiled eggs, green chili, and cheese; served with spicy French fries.

Bacon Vada Pav – A twist to the classic vada pav by adding Bacon. But somehow this was not a ‘wow’ dish for us. The vada lacked bacon pieces and taste.

Cafreal Chicken Salad – Chicken salad made of Cafreal masala, lettuce, and pickled beet. I really don’t know why Portugal inspired Goan dish has found a place in Parsi kitchen. But the salad was delicious.

Main Course 
From the 'Daily Specials' menu we tried the Saturday Jardaloo Ma Gos which is Parsi families Saturday special mutton dish in a thick gravy with apricots. From the combo menu, we tried the 'Paneer Sanju Baba' and 'Khattu Meethu Pumpkin'. They told us the chicken version is Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt's recipe served in Noor Mohammadi Restaurant in Bombay. We tried the veg version made of Cottage cheese (Paneer). Khattu Meethu Pumpkin is a sweet and sour pumpkin dish. Both dishes can be taken with Rotli or Pav (Bun).

'When in doubt, break an edu (egg) on it', seeing this on the menu we got two interesting dishes - 'Friday Sausage Par Eeda' and 'Guava Jelly and Onion Par Eedu'. Both the dishes were made of Sunny side-ups, with different stuffing. Guava Jelly was a bit too sweet for my palate. These dishes can be best enjoyed with fresh pav.

When you are at SBOW, don't miss their signature dish - Berry Pulav (Veg/Mutton/Chicken). We tried the non-veg one which was to die for. The berries and fried cashews on a mildly spiced pulav will surely win your heart. We also tried the Bambaiyya Chicken Biryani which is the classic Bombay style flavorful biryani, cooked perfectly at SBOW. This goes well with any side dish. The Parsi style fried fish served with two accompaniments was an exceptional dish.

From their 'Bar Snacks' menu we tried the Parsi style Jumbo Prawns served with coconut milk gravy and steamed rice. Either you can have it as a starter or have it as a main course. I wanted to break from non veg dishes and tried 'Brinjal and Drumstick Kari' served with steamed rice and Kachumbar. This was really a heavenly combo.


You can't ignore the smell coming from Bakery inside SBOW. Some of the must try desserts are Mawa cake, melt-in-mouth Shrewsbury biscuit, Mixed berry truffle, Matunga Coffee cake, Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, Falooda and the famous 'Lagan Nu Custer (custard) which is a Parsi wedding custard made with milk, eggs, cardamom, chironji and nutmeg. Being South Indians all of us vouched for the Matunga Coffee Cake. The dessert served in a filter coffee vessel is a must try for the coffee lovers.

A great company of foodies and awesome food indeed ended up in a hearty meal. A special thanks to Mohit Balachandran who explained us about Parsi Food and also Manju Rangarajan and Rahul Nanda for introducing me to the world of Parsi food and culture. A meal for two would be INR 1300 (with alcohol).

25/4, Opp Harley Davidson Showroom
Lavelle Road, Bengaluru

This place will be always crowded. So suggest you to make prior reservations before going there.
Contact - 080 45128763
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