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Airport walk by Burrp at Kempegowda International Airport - Here are more reasons to spend time at the airport!

Traveling in flight is always a 'just-on-time' practice for me. Often I end up going to the airport on time and never get a chance shop or spend time at the airport. But it's not gonna be same anymore.
Earlier this month a couple of us, bloggers were invited for an airport walk by the Burrp team at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), Devanahalli. From the pics, you will realize the amazing time we had at KIA. As Dussehra festival is the time for grand celebrations at Mysore, the airport was fully in festive spirit. KIA is the ultimate destination for those who want to know more about our culture. As part of the festival, the airport authorities organized various cultural activities throughout that week.

My first event with Burrp team was well-organized one. Most of 'em had already seen my social media posts and wondered how I spent almost a day at the airport as it's difficult to enter the airport without a boarding pass. Thanks to team Burrp; with the help of airport authorities (after going through a verification process), we bloggers made our entry to the airport with temporary identity cards.

We reached the airport at lunch time and our airport walk started from the beautiful South Indian restaurant - Tiffin Centre at the Domestic Terminal. We started our lunch with a refreshing glass of Nannari (Indian Sarsaparilla) Sherbet and Rasam. Nannari has got lots of medicinal values and it really helped us in feeling fresh after a long journey to the airport. Rasam made of tomato and Indian spices; is like a clear soup for South Indians which is widely consumed in all five states. Along with these two drinks, we were served a plate of piping hot assorted vegetarian and non vegetarian snack platter/ Bajjis/ fritters. The platter contained Lentil fritters (Parippu Vada), Chilli Bajji, and Rava coated fish fry. We also tried their Pepper chicken which was flavorful. Here at TC they believe in quality, hence they source the raw materials from the place it belongs to; like pepper and Nannari from Kerala, Biryani rice from Tamil Nadu etc. Their service was quick and staffs were really helpful. Chef Murali explained each and every detail to us. Before leaving the place, I couldn't resist myself taking a pic of their beautiful thali.

Second place to visit at the airport was an Italian restaurant, La Alta Vita. It's a small restaurant but worth visiting. Their food is made of fresh ingredients and we tried Zucchini fritters, Chicken Arancini and a Bruschetta with tomato, cheese, and olive topping. The food served at La Alta Vita was delicious and this place is good for a quick Italian bite when you don't have enough time at the airport.

As interesting as the name sounds, at La Tapenade the third and the final destination; we had a cook-off session where Chef Murali prepared us two brilliant dishes - Penne in Pomodoro Sauce and Chicken Tajine. Here comes an interesting part. When we came to know about the cook-off session, we were thinking how well that can be executed as inside the airport there is a restriction to use knives or few other cooking methods. But Chef Murali told us how they cater their customers with all the constraints and cleared our questions. He made two wonderful dishes which literally took us to a different world, especially the Chicken Tajine, a heavenly Moroccan one pot meal cooked with chicken, vegetables, and aromatic spices. True to its name, this Mediterranean Cafe offers a lot of variety dishes including Spanish, Italian and Greek dishes. Their decor is modern and you don't feel like leaving the restaurant.

After visiting these three wonderful restaurants, we had our lunch from La Tapenade. We had Harira soup, Garden fresh salad, Veg and Chicken Pizzas, Chicken Tajine for the main course. If Chicken Tajine was outstanding then the thin-crust Pizzas tasted deliciously wonderful.

No meal can be complete without a dessert. For desserts, we had the Blueberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu and a classic Banoffee pie. All three desserts were well-balanced and when it comes to sweetness, I can't say which one was better. Big thanks to Chef Murali Murthy and his team for making our day so special. After my airport walk, I realized that how well I can spend time at the airport next time. Unlike flight food, you don't need to burn your pocket for having a meal. Whether you have enough time to spend or just need to grab a quick bite, all the restaurants I mentioned are right places to try when you are at the airport. Please don't blame me if you find yourself indulging in a hearty meal and miss the flight :) Once again thanks to team Burrp and KIA officials for a wonderful airport food walk.

Mysore Dussehra special decorations in front of the airport
P.S: If you love short drive to airport or Nandi Hills, then there are few eateries outside the airport. Some of my favorite places include Hatti Kaapi, Chai Point, Subway, and Cafe Noir.

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