Sunday, July 3, 2016

India Arts & Gems Fair 2016 - The Collonnade, The Leela Palace, Bangalore

Pic courtesy: IAGF

The 2nd edition of India Arts & Gems Fair (IAGF)’ 2016 partnered by BMW is happening at The Collonnade, The Leela Palace, Bengaluru from 30th June to 4th July, 2016 (7.30pm onwards). Similar to the Paris Biennale des antiquaires, this fair brings together the best talents from our county. According to Meena Das Narayan, who is the Founder and curator of IAGF - this is a great platform for renowned artists as well as potential artists. Meena Das Narayan is the Editor-in-Chief of the leading luxury lifestyle magazine- Gulf Connoisseur and also a great art lover, writer, poet, filmmaker and an artist.
A painting by Meena Das Narayan
With Meena Das Narayan, Founder & Curator of IAGF

The fair will bring together 100 artists, art galleries, art collectors along with 15 popular jewelers showcasing their best creations. Creating a stunning ornament itself is an art, says Mani Singhdeo who is a Jewellery Consultant and also a curator for this fair.

I skipped first two days of fair and preferred to attend on weekend. The first thing to notice at the fair will be the all-new stylish and colorful beauty from BMW, Mini convertible. Sadly our roads are not good enough to handle this sexy :(

This fair is conducted in three floors of The Collonnade and saw some of the great works by Yusuf Arakkal, Bijay Biswal, Vaikuntam, Suhas Roy, Sisir Sahana, Sukunta Das, Bhoomika Dange, Ganesh Doddamani and many more. Being an art lover, personally I don’t like taking pics of the paintings and post that in social media. It’s like disrespecting an artist’s creations and hard work behind it. So for the same reason I haven’t taken any good pics of the paintings which were kept on display.
Beautiful hand painted Ganesha pendant with Ruby from Apranje Jewellers

Cute sindhoor box with a peacock and ruby stones

As part of the five day exhibition, there will be other cultural activities like dance and music programmes, art talks, art installations, fashion show for showcasing the exquisite creations by the top jewellery brands in town like C.Krishniah Chetty & Sons, Nikhaar, Apranje, Forevermark, Srishti etc. 

IAGF also had a painting competing for the young talents; the school kids and selected paintings were rewarded. Artist Ganesh Doddamani amazed the audience by doing a live painting of Lord Buddha.

Do checkout this exhibition and it will be a great experience. The entire team from IAGF did a great job to make this event so successful. Kudos to them! Wishing ‘em more success in the coming years!

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