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The Irish are here! The Irish House, VR Mall, Bengaluru - Launch Review

Recently The Irish House opened in VR Mall, Bengaluru and I was invited for a pre-launch party. I was hearing about The Irish House from my friends and was eagerly waiting for this launch. When VR Mall got opened last year, there were not many shops or restaurants which drew my attention. But within a short period of time this mall has became very popular with lots of interesting international brands for shopping and also few places to relax, enjoy a drink with some food after a tiring shopping. Latest in the mall is The Irish House, which is in level 3.

Once you step into The Irish House, you will be amazed to see the harmonious atmosphere with pop music, rustic interiors, addictive food and beverages, good lighting and ofcourse the ambience. The other things I liked about this place would be beer barrels, antique wall pieces, a hanging bike and an outdoor seating area with a mini garden and chilled weather with a wonderful view of Whitefield.

Outdoor seating area
As it was an exclusive preview launch party, we were spoilt with choices. There was a flood of cocktails along with food on our table. They have a very sophisticated menu which focuses on the International cuisines. Some of the outstanding dishes were-

Cajun Sweet Potato fries

The Irish Lions Chicken Tenders- I just loved this Chicken appetizer. Crispy crumb fried chicken supremes served with in-house dips.

Pulled Pork Cigars- Another favorite of mine, which is made of Filo pastry and shaped like a long cigar with pulled pork with harissa and chilli flakes stuffing. Cigars were served with a garlic aioli.

Good Ol' Mac n Cheese and Minced up from the fries menu. Both the dishes were fresh and scrumptious, especially the Mac n Cheese, one cannot stop eating that. It was so yum.

Two face Chicken Skewers (not in pic)- Tasty grilled chicken skewers with creamy Dijon mustard and spicy BBQ sauce.

Skewed Cottage Cheese- Spicy Cottage cheese and Baby corn skewed and grilled to perfection and served with a chunky pineapple butter sauce. This one was visually appealing and tasted delicious.

From the 'Community Eats' menu we tried the 'The Melting Pot', 'Grand Nachos' and 'Our Hummus Platter'. Hummus Platter tasted good with flavorsome items. Grand Nachos was just okay. Everyone just loved the The Melting Pot. True to its name, melting pot had assorted veggies like mushrooms, roasted potatoes, tomato wedges, cubes of breads which was served with a spiked three cheese fondue.
The Great Irish Fish and Chips is a good old traditional dish and here in The Irish House, they make it with a homemade beer batter and served with a homemade tartare sauce, coleslaw and crispy potato fries. Among burgers, Veg Burger served with Onion rings was good. I am not a pork lover, but I couldn't stop having the Pulled pork burger named as 'The sloppy pig out'. What made this burger so special was the right balance of sweet and spiciness in it and the taste of Worcestershire sauce and Dubliner cheese along with the crispy caramelized onions.

The Inverted Beer- Vodka, Apple juice, Passion fruit syrup served with inverted Kingfisher

Irish Trash Can- Vodka, Gin, Rum, Triple sec, peach extract served with Red Bull
Plan B- Vodka, Beetroot extract, mint and Orange juice
Irish and no drinks? Not possible. We got to try their signature cocktails and the community drinks. Partaking the community drink with friends was so much of fun. From the cocktail menu, the first drink to try was the 'Jameson's sperm'. Lol! Funny name, Isn't it? The drink was a blend of Jameson, Orange juice and grape juice. 'Plan B' was a hit with the mix of Vodka, Beetroot extract, mint and Orange juice.

They have a very limited menu for the desserts- Topsy Turvy Apple Cinnamon cake and The Dual Chocolate Torte. We tried both and the desserts were so yummy.

It's #Instatime

The Marketing team guys from The Irish House were really helpful in providing the details. Chef Rahul Kulkarni did a splendid job by cooking up a storm for the foodies. With my friends and other socialites, it was a fun filled night. Will I recommend this place to others? Yes! Why not... The Irish House is definitely a good place to hangout.

A meal for two will cost ₹ 1700 (approximately) with alcohol.
TF-01A, Level 3
VR Mall, Mahadevpura
Whitefield, Bengaluru

For reservations, contact 080 46524251

For more details, checkout The Irish House
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