Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hungry?? Order from Zzungry - A review about Zzungry

Zzungry has become a popular online food delivery name within a short span of time. What made them so popular? The secret is there in the caption itself- 'Royal Kitchens of India'. Zzungry delivers chef prepared, Royal Kitchens of India inspired food. They have a weekly changing menu which  assures that their customer never get bored of the same old menu like regular restaurants.

Initially their delivery was only in Indiranagar and HSR layout area and they were not having delivery in my area (Yemalur). Every time when I think of ordering food online, Zzungry will be the first name my friends will suggest. Recently Zzungry opened a new kitchen in Marathahalli and I was one of that lucky foodie to try some of their specialties. When I received my order, first thing I noticed was a neatly packed box with a few well arranged containers and a pack of parathas.

Zzungry sent me two starters, three main course, two parathas, a bowl of steamed basmati rice and a dessert. I must say, I just fell in love with their food. Starters were Injithairu Murg Kebab and Birbali Lamb Seekh. The smokey flavors and special masala taste from the tender chicken pieces and the flavorful Lamb Seekh along with a small bowl of green chutney gave me that feeling, 'I am gonna have a wonderful meal' :)

For main course I had Martaban Ka Murg, Kochi Patha, Kastha Murg along with Sattu Paratha and a bowl of steamed basmati rice. I was just blown away by the main course, especially the Kochi patha which was a Bengali style Lamb curry and two chicken main courses were also amazing; rich in taste and best enjoyed with a plate of perfectly cooked basmati rice. Sattu (flour made of gram flour) is not that common in South India. I have tried it couple of times from my friend's house and was familiar with the taste. Sattu Paratha from Zzungry was very tasty especially the filling, but paratha was a bit dry for me. But yes, I don't mind ordering it again.

According to me, a perfect meal should end with a good dessert. Gulab Jamun Panjgiri was the dessert sent to me and with the pieces of jamuns soaked in a thick Saffron Phirni with almond flakes on it, the dessert was so inviting. I couldn't resist myself and immediately indulged in it. It was a delicious royal treat.

Zzungry shows that for a good royal food experience one need not to burn their pocket. With a keypad touch, you can order and get a 5-star restaurant kind of food at your doorstep. They claim that every dish is prepared with the best quality products from trusted sources. When you take the first bite of Zzungry food, you will understand the quality of fresh ingredients used in it. My journey with Zzungry just started and I am sure that I will order from them, again and again.

For more details and to order from Zzungry, checkout https://www.zzungry.com/

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