Saturday, May 14, 2016

A lazy weekend at Cafe Arabica, Frazer Town, Bangalore

On a fine Sunday, I was in Frazer Town for a Bloggers meet at Cafe Arabica and was amazed by the variety of grub they offer. From Indian to Turkish, Arabian to European; they have delicacies from different parts of the world. Cafe Arabica is a venture of the famous Savoury Restaurant. Currently they are having two outlets in Bangalore (Frazer Town and Banneghatta road).

It is a small cafe with loads and loads of tempting treats like pastries, savouries, snacks, Arabian sweets, baked goodies and beverages. They have international Chefs who prepare the authentic snacks and savouries.

Baklava is an Arabian-Turkish sweet which is rich in taste. It's made of dry fruits which are layered in puff pastry sheets along with clarified butter (ghee) or butter. Cafe Arabica serves baklava in different shapes which is a visual treat. Baklava is a must try sweet. They also serve Basbousa, which is another Turkish delight, made of Semolina.
Basbousa and Baklava
Creamy creamy mousse and pastries made of fresh fruits will surely attract you. I had that 'Alice in wonderland' moment :P They use finest ingredients for all their products. Every item we tried was so good. Only an artistic chef can give a magic touche in every dish.

I was invited by Ruhhi Singh who was extremely courteous and a sweet host. It was pleasure meeting a wonderful persona like her. If you are in Cafe Arabica, you are spoilt for choice, for sure. Same happened to us when we saw the display of yummy snacks and desserts.

One can't imagine a Mediterranean food without fig. Tarts with fresh figs, kiwi and orange wedges was colorful as well as tasty. Bangalore has so many Middle Eastern cafes and restaurants. But how many places you will see the traditional and authentic dishes? I was surprised to see Zaatar Bread in their menu. Zaatar bread with a strong cuppa coffee is all you need to have a great time.

They serve both hot and cold beverages. We tried their in-house specialties- Saudicool (Arabian drink), Magic tea, cold coffee and few fruit juices. Many Cafes fail when it comes to presentation of the food. In Cafe Arabica, they make sure that food look as good as it tastes.
We had an Indianised pizza, a regular small size pizza which is available in most of the bakeries. But taste was different from other places. I am in love with their Chicken puffs. The Chicken filling was so delicious. I would definitely go back to this Cafe soon to try more snacks and desserts. It's a value for money place; a meal for two will cost Rs.300/- (approximately). Cafe Arabica is located opposite to Savoury Restaurant in Frazer Town.

#56, Mosque Road
Frazer Town
Bangalore -560005
Ph no: 080-65350777/40966766
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