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Wahrabia Fest- An Arabian Food festival at Barbeque Nation, Bangalore

When it comes to Barbecue food, the first name comes to every Bangalorean's mind is Barbeque Nation. Since 2006 they are serving the hungry souls with an unlimited barbecue food and they were the trend setters in creating a new name in F&B business. I am a big fan of Barbeque Nation and when I got an invitation for a food tasting session for the on-going Wahrabia Fest, I was so happy. Thanks to two gorgeous ladies- Richa Seth and Tanvi Manjunath for inviting me for the Wahrabia fest.

Last Friday I went to Barbeque nation, JP Nagar outlet with my fellow foodie friends. Location is not difficult to find as it is very close to Dalmia circle and Google will navigate you to the place, if you are not sure about the route.

Inspired by the famous folk tales, Aladdin and Arabian Nights, once you enter the restaurant you will see a pleasant Arabian themed decor, pretty lanterns, Arabian food counters, staffs in Arabian costumes and a very good ambience. With its colorful and attractive decor which attracts the diners, next step will be to know more about the fest. Their courteous staff will give a brief description about the Wahrabia Fest and the special delicacies they serve to you. I opted for a non-veg buffet and while they were setting up the barbecue grill on the table, I got my first drink which was 'Aamchi Mango'; a raw mango drink with Vodka. It was little bit strong in taste as well as very refreshing; a much needed drink for this extremely hot climate.

One thing I always like about Barbeque Nation is their polite staffs. You need not to wait for long for any of the grills on barbecue table, they will ensure that whatever interests you, will be on the table.

Some of the highlights of the evening

Along with regular grills and starters, some of the starters from the special Arabian menu they served us were Egyptian Zuben (Grilled Paneer), Fiery BBQ Chicken drumstick, Samak Mashawi (Grilled Fish), Jujeh Kebab which is chunks of chicken pieces cooked to perfection in Arabian spices, Rubian Mashawi which is char grilled Prawns with Middle Eastern mild spices, Dabel Kabab (Minced lamb meat patties) are some of the starters I have tried from the special Arabian menu. For the vegetarians, they have scrumptious foods like Falafel pita pockets, Afelia Batata (Potato wedges), Sheesh Kudra (assorted grilled veg), Jalapeno Lime Mushrooms, Lebanese veg kabab, Sweet and smokey Pineapple, Crispy Corn, Zucchini Fasigratin etc.  I must say, this was a refreshing break from the regular Barbeque food we get in any of the restaurants in town.

Do not forget to check their live-counters for Arabian food which is one of the highlight of this fest. They serve traditional dishes like Chicken Shawarma, Mutton Shawarma, Riyash Mashawi (Barbecued lamb chops), Kesabi Dejaj (chunks of Chicken liver cooked in flavorful sauce with spices) and different meat skewers. Oh! I loved that delicious Chicken skewer. Chicken Shawarma was just okay. If you are a liver lover, you will definitely love Kesabi Dejaj as it has got the right amount of spices in it. Can anyone miss the mezze platter when you are in an Arabian fest? Try their cold mezze which comes with Fattoush, crispy Pita with Hummus, Mouttabal, Cheese Barrah which will be served on your table in a wooden platter. Hummus lacked the olive oil topping, but still it was a finger licking combo with the Pita strips.

Main dish section offered both Indian and Arabian salads, soups, curries and other stuffs. On the soup section there was Tomato and Okra veg soup and for the non vegetarians there was piping hot Shourabat Dajaj soup. I tried Nargisi Kofta along with Chicken biriyani, Murgh Angara and Farareej El Fahem (Chicken dish), which gave me foodgasm. For the fish lovers, they have a special dish on menu called Samak Harrah Al Shara. Do try it.

Next was my favorite section- Desserts. Any day desserts with different tastes and from different regions will boost my palate. I was not keen tasting the regular pies and pastries. So straight away I filled my plate with Middle eastern favorites like Baklava (layers of puff pastry with honey and chopped dry fruits) and Muhallabieh (creamy pudding topped with pomegranates, just like our Indian Phirni) along with some desi Gulab Jamuns and paan kulfi. Yummilicious Baklava and Muhallabieh are the must try desserts which should not be missed.

After a heavy dinner when we were about to leave, one of the waiter came with a hanging wooden box. Just like we Indians end our meal with a sweet maghai paan, this person made us a yummy role of Kataif Mihshi which is small pancake with mascarpone cheese and rose syrup filling. Pure bliss it was! Overall my evening was well spent with my fellow foodie friends and great food. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Wahrabia fest before it gets over and indulge in a pure Arabian foodgasm.

Wahrabia fest is happening from 2nd March and it will be there till 19th March, 2016, in all the Barbeque Nation outlets.

Barbeque Nation
#67, 15th Cross
6th B Main
For buffet pricing and reservations, please call - 080- 60600000/ 60600001
Checkout their website, Barbeque Nation

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