Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My experience with ITC Foods

Yesterday evening I got some goodies from the ITC ‘Kitchens of India’ along with a note from the CEO of ITC Foods, Mr.V L Rajesh. For me it’s just not a box full of joy, I would like to call it as ‘Kitchen of treasures’.  I love ITC products ever since I attended a bloggers meet in ITC Gardenia and that's when I came to know more about ITC foods. Till then I was not a regular customer and always experiment with multiple brands.  Now I am a loyal ITC customer and I know ITC products are safe for me and my family.

A world class food brand which has some of the products like Kitchens of India, Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Dream cream, Bingo, Delishus, Yumitos, Candyman, GumOn, B Natural and Dark Fantasy. Some of the ITC products which I love and never get bored are B Natural Jamun juice which is one of the best juice and my family favorite, Dal Bukhara which is made of slow cooked black lentils in a tomato gravy, very rich in taste and feast for all the senses, then other favorites are ‘ready to eat’ Awadhi Badam Halwa and Moong Dal Halwa; perfect 5-star restaurant style desserts which are cooked to perfection and rich in flavors. Being a Home Chef making Halwa at home is such a pain and I am sure once you try these products, you will never waste your time in preparing Halwa at home.

I was surprise to see two of my favorite stuffs in the gift box- Apple & cinnamon fruit conserve and Mango Jeera Chutney, I can’t wait to try these along with Yakhani Pulao and Paneer Darbari. These products are packed using ‘Retort Process Technology’ in which the food is sterilized and then packed with a special four layer pouch which keeps the food free from any damages or environmental contamination. This is the brand which I can blindly trust and recommend to my friends and families. Thanks a bunch ITC team for sending these goodies.

Few months ago, I was invited for ‘ITC Foods You Ask We Answer’ for the bloggers- an interactive session with ITC and selected bloggers from Bangalore. It was the time when one of the top noodles brand was facing problem after finding excessive amount of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) content in it. Whole nation was shocked to hear about this and just like any other person even I was hesitant to try any other brand. I stopped eating noodles and sticked to other stuffs. That’s the time I attended ‘ITC Foods You Ask We Answer’ where I got answers for my questions regarding the contents, quality of products, hygiene and more than anything else ITC’s team effort like a joint family. 


Few pictures taken at ITC Foods Bloggers meet, 'You Ask, We Answer'

Everyone knows about YiPPee, but atleast once we would have thought how safe is this product? I was very lucky along with many other bloggers who got an opportunity to meet the CEO of ITC Foods, Mr. V.L.Rajesh. He was so down-to-earth person who clearly explained the history of ITC and his wonderful long journey in ITC. He explained us very well that how they create each product from ITC and the guidelines they follow before it reaches to the customer. Host of this event was one of the top Vloggers in Bangalore, Ms. Archana Doshi from Archana’s Kitchen. Her anchoring made it easy for the bloggers to interact well with the ITC team. Head of Marketing & Executive Committee Member at ITC Food, Ms. Kavita Chaturvedi narrated the story of YiPPee. She told us how they wanted to be unique in market and came up with an idea of ‘long, non sticky, tasty and safe’ noodles which is everyones favorite brand now- Sunfeast YiPPee noodles. She also showed us the test reports which only YiPPee has cleared all the criteria according to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). So YiPPee is absolutely safe. Anytime you can check the lab reports which are available in  ITC website. Also go through the YouTube videos which shows the making of Sunfeat YiPPee noodles.

After the interactive session, Chef from ITC team showed us dishes made of YiPPee noodles and also we had a cook-off event with 5-6 teams in which my team made a creative noodles pizza with delicious YiPPee noodles.

After the bloggers meet we had a buffet lunch with unique dishes and lip-smacking desserts from ITC Gardenia which gave me a foodgasm.  The taste of smoked Baingan Ka Bhartha and Tiramisu made of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy are still in my mouth.  They didn’t forget to give a basket full of goodies before we left the venue. My journey with ITC products started from that day.

Sunfeast Dream cream

I tried recreating Tiramisu with Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills and it was big hit.  Click here for the Tiramisu recipe
To know more about ITC and their products, please check out- ITC Limited

Once again, thanks a lot ITC team, for making us happy! 

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