Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My experience at Coringa, Yelahanka- Restaurant Review

This is a long time pending post. Congrats Coringa for bagging the 'Times Food Awards 2016' for authentic Andhra restaurant category. Coringa doesn't need any introduction. This restaurant was in my wish list since long time. Situated in the busy main road in Yelahanka, this place is famous for their fresh seafood spread. Coringa's extensive menu offers both veg and non-veg food. Roof-top restaurant with large seating area and cane furniture will be the first thing to notice when you step in to Coringa. We went there for lunch on the very next day they received 'Times Food Awards 2016'. We couldn't meet the Owner, Mr. Srinivas Velidanda. But it was pleasant surprise to meet the Co-partner, Mr. Santhi Prakash Kondepudi, who made sure that, food came to our table was top-notch.

Welcome drink was mildly spiced Rasam which was so refreshing after a long bike trip. Rasam is South Indian version of soup which tickles the taste bud and enhances your appetite. Coming to the starters- Their menu is good enough to confuse a person to select the food. In our case, Manager Suhail was kind enough and helped us in selecting the dishes. My pre-set mind straight away ordered Chama Dumpa Vepudu which is golden fried Taro root/ Arbi, Curry leaves Prawns and Crab Chilli as starters. 

Chama Dumpa Vepudu (Golden fried Taro root/ Arbi) - Test your will power by ordering this delicious deep fried dish. Yummy, spicy, and crispy chunks of Taro root, how can one even think of stop munching this?

Curry leaves Prawns- Before finishing the Taro root starter, we got our beautiful Prawns on table. Succulent and with full of flavors, Prawns cooked in Curry leaves masala was an awesome appetizer too. How can anyone forget the Crab when you are in Coringa? So we ordered a Crab dish also.

Crab Chilly - The authentic flavors of Andhra dish you can feel in this dish. One of the best Andhra chilli dish I had so far. First time I tried Crab in a restaurant, as I always avoid it in other places because of strong fishy smell. This was perfect and I couldn't stop myself from having it. Fresh, aromatic and very very spicy Crab - enjoyed it to the core. Pics won't do justice as I was hungry and pics were taken using mobile.

For the main dish, we ordered Egg Biriyani. Egg biriyani served with raitha, was the best one I had till date. Biriyani was cooked to perfection with long grain rice, egg coated with spices and masala. The flavors in it will take you to a different level.

After  this scrumptious treat, there was no room for dessert. But sometime mind won't listen to the body. So I gleefully ordered Poota Rekulu, a traditional Andhra sweet made of layers of thin rice paper sheets, with jaggery and coconut stuffing. God! Poota Rekulu was heavenly. It was too beautiful to mess with and sinfully delicious in each bite we had :) Oh! I am so craving for it badly :(

For drinks, we ordered Paanakam and Nimmakaya Rasam. 

Paanakam is yet another traditional drink from Andhra which is made of jaggery, cardamom and pepper. Drinks were too good and refreshing. I liked the citrusy Nimmakaya Rasam more as it was made of lemon, mint leaves, honey and pepper.
Coringa is a must visit restaurant, no matter the distance to reach the place. It's worth all the travel and food is just awesome. This is a perfect place to spend quality time with your family or friends. Cost for two will come around Rs.800/- 

BB Road, NH 7
Above Cafe Coffee Day, Yelahanka
For reservations, contact -  080 65705016

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