Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review- Barbeque Factory

Barbeque Factory, 100 Ft Road, Indiranagar

Pic courtesy: Barbeque Factory

Last Sunday it was pouring heavily in Bangalore, but for me it was Kabab rain. Yeah! you read it right. I was at Barbeque Factory along with my fellow foodie friends for the 7th Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore (FBAB) meet as well as for tasting their new and interesting menu. So why is it interesting? Because Owner and Chef Ajay have added few really interesting dishes in their menu and patiently explained each and every dish what we had for dinner. I had a feast by having scrumptious kababs, sea food, veg starters and biryani :)

Situated in 100 ft road, Indiranagar this place has got great ambience. I was happy for their quick service and helpful staff. While checking the dishes from the main course counter, to my surprise I got one cotton candy, which took me to my childhood memories. Later realized happiness was still waiting for me in the form of starters and main course.

Some of the highlights of the evening: 

The melt-in mouth Mutton Shikampuri with Honey Paratha served along with four different chutneys. As I always love spicy food, I didn’t forget to add more bird’s eye chilli chutney in my Paratha. The perfect way to have Honey Paratha with Mutton Shikampuri is to keep the Mutton Shikampuri on top of the paratha and gently press it using a fork or a spoon and spread it. Then add all the chutneys, roll it and have it. Slurp! It was pure bliss :)

Chicken Kabab, Golden fried Prawns, Tandoori Fish and Chicken Sheekh were exceptional. Vegetarians need not be sad, as they have really lip-smacking stuffs like Tandoori Pineapple, Palak Papdi, Potato coated with Mayonnaise, Paneer tikka and the best of all the starters was the Dahi Kabab which I have seen only in Marut Sikka’s show. Dahi Kabab, sized like a button idli was incredibly creative. 


All though there were enough tempting dishes in the main course, I opted for the slow cooked Nalli Nihari along with the Chicken Dum Biriyani. Biriyani loaded with flavors was yumm to the core and I felt that I had the right combo by having the Nawabi special succulent meat curry, Nalli Nihari. 

After a wonderful meat treat I was not having enough space in my tummy to try the desserts. Then I listened to my heart; your conscience is the best decision maker. It forced me to try few desserts like Apple pie, walnut cake and diplomatic pudding. 

At the end, for an insidewala snaan I had Lemon mojito which was one of the best mojito I have ever had. Heavy rain, yummy food and the perfect drink what more can I ask for? My only suggestion to this place is to add some more cool mocktails and Indian desserts in their menu. About the pricing, a meal for two would approximately cost ₹1200 (buffet). It was my first time in Barbeque Factory and I am sure after having all the delicious food there, I will visit the place again for trying the dishes which I missed having this time.
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