Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review- Nasi and Mee

Nasi and Mee

Lazy weekend and not in a mood to cook, what should one do? Get ready and go to a happening restaurant or pub nearby. I did the same for yesterday night’s dinner. Without any second thought me and my hubby picked the latest talk in town - Nasi and Mee, which means ‘Rice and Noodles’.

 N & M has a vast menu (mainly for the main course) for South-East Asian dishes, to be specific Malaysian and Singaporean food.  This two weeks old place situated in midst of busy road in 80 ft road, Koramangala has quite good ambience, music and polite staffs. Recently while scrolling Facebook posts, I saw one mouth-watering pic, which is the main highlight of N&M –Dim sum. They have variety of Dim sums. Recommended by the courteous N & M staffs, I opted for Prawns Har Gow. Dim sum with chilli sauce was yumm :)

 For the main course we ordered spicy N & M Nasi Goreng (Chicken) and Kung Pao Tofu stir fry. For drinks we have ordered Lemongrass cooler, Lemon ginger spritzer, Peach Basil iced tea and Chendol. Out of all four drinks Chendol was a hit. Chendol is basically a coconut milk drink with pandan flavored green noodles. Both Chendol and Lemongrass cooler were so refreshing.

 Nasi Goreng which is Malaysian fried rice served with fried egg, chicken satay, rice crisps and red chilli paste. Surely it was good choice given by the staff. Kung Pao Tofu stir fry with chunks of tofu coated with Sichuan pepper sauce and peanuts was nice. We were getting more soya sauce taste in it and could have been better if it was bit spicier. Quantity of dishes was good enough for two adults. 

We went around 8pm and almost all the tables were filled with small groups. Only let down was place was too noisy with all the crowd and music was not that audible. With the glass interior its quite normal I guess. I couldn’t listen to some of my favorite tracks L As I am a dessert person, my only suggestion to Nasi and Mee team is to add some more interesting desserts in the menu. Now they don’t serve cocktails or any other liquor. Food and wine always go hand in hand. So please start it soon with an interesting drinks menu. We thoroughly enjoyed the service and the scrumptious food which was total value for money. I will definitely visit again for more yummification ;)

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