Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Have you tried Meamo - the all new Bangalore based meat delivery brand ?

Hello Bengaluru,

Hope all are safe and doing good. I came across this new meat delivery brand recently named Meamo. What makes them special from other brands? Let's have a look - 
The Bangalore-based company is the country’s first e-commerce / online company that is bringing back the traditional way of savoring meat and pioneering the 'Jhatka' method.

Founded by Sudarshan Boosupalli in 2020 under the Dharmic Vibes Group, the brand currently serves all areas of Bangalore. It will soon start expanding to other cities in the country.

Meamo seeks to cater and nurture a community of discerning meat lovers who are looking to embrace traditional cruelty-free meat processing techniques along with great taste and freshness. With a focus on 100% Jhatka method of processing meat, they hope to encourage and cultivate a community that enjoys meat while ensuring that animals are spared any unnecessary pain. The product range includes Poultry, Goat & Sheep, Seafood, and Pet food.

Meamo has a processing plant in Hosur and 9 Distribution Hubs in Bangalore. They have enjoyed a positive growth trajectory with over 3000 customers acquired in 4 months.  Their current expansion plans involve going to 5 more Cities and start the aggregator model in Tier 2 cities. The farm to fork model owns the entire back-end supply and cold storage chain ensuring quality control.

Among the traditional practices they are reviving, the most popular one includes the Turmeric Wash and Clean -Up. Much like in the earlier days, Meamo has an option of unique Turmeric Clean-Up, a process in which the meat is coated in turmeric and thoroughly cleansed. Turmeric has proven Ayurvedic benefits and helps kill any bacteria that might be present in the meat and readies the meat perfectly for cooking. Meamo does not source the meat from third parties but processes it in a completely controlled state-of-the-art facility owned by them, following all authentic and scientific guidelines. Another secret behind their juicy and fresh meat is the antibiotic residue, hormone, and chemical-free policy. They also ensure that their poultry feeds only on organic matter.  From the moment the meat is processed till it reaches your door, it is handled only by the Meamo team ensuring strict quality and hygiene control.

I tried their two products - White Pomfret steaks and Chicken Drumstick. The freshness, packaging and the quality of the products were impressive. I am happy that I came across one more interesting brand like Meamo. Do check out their products. To know more, visit https://meamo.in

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