Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A feast from Lanka - Sri Lankan Food Promotion (21 - 30th Sep) at Feast by Sheraton Grand Hotel, Brigade Gateway!

I still remember a few years back, in a popular foodie forum someone asked about Sri Lankan food options in Bengaluru and there was none at that point in time. Now things are slowly changing and people are becoming more familiar with global cuisines. Our neighboring country, Sri Lanka is so abundant with picturesque views and traditional food. Feast at Sheraton Grand Hotel, Rajajinagar is having a Sri Lankan Food Festival from 21st – 30th September 2018. So what’s special about this fest? I would say ‘don’t miss this’ as the visiting Chefs from Sri Lanka Chef Ramesh and Chef Keerthisena have brought us the authentic Sri Lankan flavors which one can easily crave for more. The Sambals, Sinhala pickles, Jaffna Crab curry, King Fish Betel leaves curry, fried Anchovies, Buns with different fillings, and loads and loads of Sri Lankan sweets are not to be missed.

Just past the lobby of dripping chandeliers is Feast, where I was welcomed with the aroma of Sri Lankan food. Sri Lankan food is all about richness of fresh ingredients and flavors. There were ingredients which I haven’t even seen before. Thanks to Chef Ramesh who handpicked all the ingredients from Sri Lanka and brought it to namma ooru.

Being from Kerala, I can very well relate to some of the Sri Lankan dishes as we have so much ‘Ceylon’ influence in our cuisine which includes appams, puttu, string hoppers, wattalappam, Sambals etc. I started my dinner with some piping hot fish cutlets, Anchovy fry, Anchovy Sambal, Yellow Sambal with shrimps, Curry leaves fry, and Chilli fritters (with potato filling). The Chef’s special Ring gourd chutney went well the fritters.

What surprised me was the variety of pickles and desserts. Where to start and where to stop, I really got confused. Chef told us that in Colombo pickles are widely available in roadside. Starfruit, berries, eggplant, okra, and shallots were some of the pickles I really loved it.

It was fun having the main course as most of us loved the Jaffna Crab curry and hogged like anything. It was a very messy affair, but who cares when food is so good. The local red rice served with the curry was so light and tasty. I loved the Red Sambal which was like our ‘chammanthi’ (coconut chutney we make in Kerala), Kohila tempered (Lasia leaves with yam), Cashew nut and green peas curry, Malu Miris Kukul Mas (Chicken dry preparation using Sri Lankan spices), Lump rice (Mutton), and Pork Kalupol Malu (a special Pork preparation made of black color powdered spices). The creamy King fish curry with Betel leaves was something new for me and it was so damn good.

The desserts reminded me of my nostalgic childhood were we used to eye the glass jars in local shop filled with milk toffee, ginger toffee, coconut mittai etc. Here at Sheraton, options were outstanding (almost 15-17 Sri Lankan sweets along with their regular desserts). That’s what I call, ‘spoilt with choices’.

My plate was filled with Milk toffee, Coconut Pancake, Bibikkan, Konda Kewan (a rice – jaggery sweet made in the shape of ladies hair bun), Kokis (Rose cookies), Ashmi, melt-in-mouth sweets like halwa and Kalu Dodole (like the Kerala jaggery halwa), and the classic Watalappam. I missed a few sweets as I was so full. I am extremely thankful to Chef Keerthisena who created these traditional desserts for us. I felt like I was in a Sri Lankan house than in a 5-star restaurant.

After having another wonderful experience at Feast by Sheraton, I have decided that when I plan for an international trip, Sri Lanka will be definitely on the list. The Chefs from Colombo were really sweet and created a storm for us and we loved it. This was their maiden trip to India and I hope they go back to Colombo with loads and loads of good memories. The Sri Lankan Food promotion is on until 30th September (only dinner) and do give it a try, I am sure you will have the same experience as mine. Thanks to team Sheraton, Chef Anthony, and PR team for inviting me to the preview.

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