Thursday, August 30, 2018

All about my late afternoon lunch at XOOX Brewmill, Koramangala!

Bengaluru is blessed with many good watering holes (Yeah.. we love to party a lot). The latest addition to this list is XOOX Brewmill at Koramangala. You can hardly miss this old mill turned Pub standing proudly in the bustling road towards Raheja Arcade- Forum Mall signal. I had been there before and this time I went for a late lunch. This pub has got amazing vibes and beautiful interiors. You will find those #Instafriendly picture perfect spots for food pictures and selfies. Often when I hear so and so place serves fusion food, I will just go with the flow as very rarely I will have that ‘WOW’ moment. Here at XOOX, Chef Sahil and Chef Nitin know their game. Chef Sahil just recently moved to Bengaluru after working with a well-known brand - PaPaYa by Massive Restaurants.

A lovely afternoon weather called for some good food and drinks. I started with a mocktail – ‘Floral Fizz’ and it was more like ‘garden fresh’ mocktail with Cucumber, rose syrup and fresh coriander. An experienced person (me :P) once said, if you are hungry to the core, start with this drink which can keep your hunger pangs at bay.

For food order, without thinking much we went with Chef’s suggestion. We started with the popular ‘Dehydrated Dosa’ which was Kori roti and thin beetroot dosa crisps served with finger-licking Tomato- coconut chutney. Unless and until you ask them to clear the plate, you will get hooked to this dish.
<3 <3 <3

My favorite dish was this Cheesy Golgappa Pakora – perfect Golgappas with potato stuffing and served with red (Chilli garlic) and green chutneys. The thin juliennes of capsicum and pomegranate arils gave that extra crunch factor. This is easily the best chaat I had in my life.

Beetroot & Sev Tikki – The deep fried beetroot patties with Sev coating was just too good. They have used cheese filling as well. When Chef took the feedback from us, the only suggestion we had was to make this dish to a healthy version.

Cantonese Chicken – When it comes to Chinese dishes, people mess it up by adding artificial colors and Indian flavors. At XOOX the Cantonese Chicken was very special as they use imported Chillies. A must try dish when you are XOOX. They use microgreens for garnishing few dishes which is very impressive.

I have tried their Wasabi Prawns before and if you love prawns, then must try this dish. Sadly I don’t have a pic of this dish.

Hand Model: Kelipaan
By now I was ready for my second drink and ordered Thai Sublime which was a concoction of Lemongrass infused Vodka, lime juice, and Peach syrup. They serve this drink in Goli Soda bottle. Mr. Mukundan was so helpful in explaining the ingredients.

For the main course, we tried the Yi Mein Noodles and some bread from the Grill menu. Try this and you will slurp on these twice-fried Noodles with Mushrooms and other veggies.

It’s hard to ignore the bread menu as they have amazing Pide and garlic bread. The Turkish beauty, Pide topped with Truffle oil was simply a burst of flavors. The star ingredient was mushrooms and only mushrooms. Don’t go by the size as this bread is so filling.

The thin crust Georgian Classic Cheese Bread was a bit too oily, but who cares when it is loaded with Cheese. The garlic aioli paired well with this bread.

For desserts, we ordered the ‘Buttermilk Panna Cotta’ and ‘Peanut Brownie with Roasted Almond Ice cream’. The Panna Cotta was heavenly with Raspberry compote infused with Rosemary. This dessert passed our wobble test and Chef Sahil beautifully explained the ingredients while we polished off the Panna Cotta in seconds.

The second dessert was okayish for my palate. The caramelized Hazelnut and Spinach Macaroon surely caught my attention.

Chef Sahil
Overall I had a great time with my girl pals and surely visit again for more fun. Early next month onwards they will have beer on tap and as a beer lover, I am eagerly waiting for it. A meal for two would be ₹2000 (approximately - including alcohol). Thanks to team XOOX and BrandiT Communications for having me over.
XOOX Brewmill
#8, 20th Main Road
Next to HDFC Bank
For table bookings, contact - 08296008571

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